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  1. If they don't want tot make sure their safety vest works correctly all of the time, then simply don't manufacturer it.
  2. you don't understand they're both orange omg r u blind
  3. Because pythons are snakes and snakes aren't good at math.
  4. I'm not sure how to debug Minecraft code, but I would try: player.sendMessage ("Command: '" + command.getName() + "'");
  5. This is the correct answer. Or more succinctly...
  6. Have the button event handler call os.system() instead then.
  7. Don't use tkinter or try to visually recreate the user interface. Instead, just send commands directly through to the os (which will also allow it to work cross platform). print('Installing pyautogui...') os.system('pip install pyautogui')
  8. Python is an excellent choice. It's the most similar to JS, but begins to transition to more traditional programming concepts like strong typing.
  9. Computer science is not a "general" degree. It is entirely about software. --- Computer Science: Programming Software Engineering: Same as above but with more nonsense Computer Engineering: Computer hardware engineering (components, low level programming) Electrical Engineering: Nothing to do with computers Information Technology: Worthless degree that no one cares if you have For networking/cybersecurity etc no one cares about degrees, only certs like Security+ There's also other degrees out there like "Informatics". To be honest people don't
  10. If this actually happened the fallout would probably end up killing most people on the planet. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  11. You should talk to your teacher for extra help if you're struggling with linear equations. These are the most basic algebraic problems and it's only going to get more complicated for the rest of your school career.

  12. For this sort of task you want to use your programming language to implement HTTP for you. HTTP is synchronous meaning that if you'll be able to wait for the page to load before moving on to the next step. This will also allow you to access the DOM and submit forms without relying on unreliable methods such as waiting for a set time or key presses. https://visualstudiomagazine.com/Articles/2004/10/01/Access-Web-Data-Programmatically.aspx
  13. I'm not sure why you would want to split on => since that's the lambda operator. That's weird.
  14. You can always run MySQL and Postgres locally (and connect via localhost), but that requires running a server on your machine (or in a container). Fortunately someone thought about this before and created SQLite. It acts as a regular SQL engine, but it's headless so the configuration is much easier.
  15. Honestly you have two choice: Pycharm and Visual Studio Code. Both are pretty good, if you work in Visual Studio Code make sure to switch over to use the Pylance language server. Personally, I like using vscode since it's very lightweight which lends itself well to python. I think Pycharm has a more integrated experience in terms of package management and such, but if you prefer typing out all of your commands in a terminal I think vscode is going to feel better.
  16. I am an engineer and no it's not.
  17. Let's see I put myself in the queue October of last year. I'm still waiting six months later.
  18. The junta in Myanmar is forcing the internet to be shut down between the hours of 1 AM to 9 AM. The OP is asking for ways to circumvent this restriction. I personally don't know of any way to break through his ISP's network, since they're probably just using a firewall to block all traffic. And with something like that you're kinda SOL on that front. You may be able to tap into some kind of satellite connection, or access cell signals received from adjacent countries. Of course, this is all two-way communication and as Arika has alluded to, may not be such a good idea since communi
  19. My academic life has really turned me into a latex user. It's more complicated but it's also normally less frustrating to make it do what you want.
  20. Properly written C code is always going to be faster than anything that's not some machine specific code, normally more memory efficient too.
  21. Recursion isn't efficient.
  22. It depends on how much memory was allocated to the stack during the program's start.