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    Online games, computer hardware, food *hehehehe* anything Japanese and also, anything about aircrafts.
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    I'am Mark Buot, I'am 19 years old, I live in the Philippines with my family. You find this kind of weird but I'm a College student taking up and Aircraft Maintenance course but self studying computer hardware.
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    I'm still in college


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    Ryzen 3 1200
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    GTX 1060
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    Redragon Kumara RGB
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    Iconz Optical Gaming Mouse
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    Windows 10

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  1. I would like to hear more about this "Comodo Firewall". It could help a lot since using this computer felt like it came back from its grave (I went to the trouble of reformatting it) and I don't think its just a simple virus and I think someone or something is really trying to take over my computer. You see even thought its reformatted, it didn't repair the audio issue I was having along with the ransomware. Could it be that the "one" trying to take over my computer is just making me feel like I'm in control again, I dunno? so yeah. Tell me about it, hit me a dm
  2. I gave up, so now I came back with a "reformatted" PC *sigh* hope I could build a desktop already.
  3. I've read that this Cryakl is fairly new. so would you guys suggest I keep the locked files on a separate drive and wait for a decryptor in the future?? coz I'll be reformatting my pc and make sure that I'll secure it this time and nobody collects malicious stuff that count infect the pc.
  4. I havent slept for like 30+ hours trying to look for something to get these files back. so yeah. "being targeted is a whole different story"
  5. I know. It may not be "me" since I'm not the only person using this pc
  6. i dont recall clicking links of sort. but I will try what you gave, hope it at least gets most of it
  7. I guess of to reformat then. If it really is a waste of time trying to get help and try to recover these.
  8. can it still be called an anti virus for letting this happen. lol
  9. is the any way I can get these files back? Need help
  10. Thanks..this really cured my OCD for like "matching parts" and stuff :3
  11. thanks this helped, tho the EVGA GTX 1060 is hard to come across in the Philippines so yeah, and Im not just going for an 8GB memory its a 16GB in dual channel "MEMORY: G Skill Aegis 8GB Single DDR4 2400 (x2)" shipping the EVGA would like cost me like $50 - $75 more :3
  12. Okay then.. I would just need to swap out the psu then the motherboard? what do you suggest ?? I choose these parts referencing Jayztwocents' build a few months ago the Ryzen 3 1200 + GTX 1060(founders edition)
  13. Any thoughts on the parts I chose for my build before I buy them?? I didn't add any aftermarket CPU cooler cuz like, I've asked a lot of ppl I know, they said like I don't "really need one unless I wanted too" the stock cooler from AMD's Ryzen is already enough, but if its really a "must pick up" comment a recommendation of a 120mm water cooler or a descent air cooling that I can swap out the fans later on. I did a lot of research on all these parts even tho they're in the "budget tier" *hehehe* CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 MOTHERBOARD: MSI B350M Mortar GRAPHICS CARD: MSI GTX
  14. they are but, Z mobos are expensive and the Intel proc is also more expensive than AMD's