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    FPS-Russia reacted to JakeySRi in Can't buy games Steam.   
    perhaps its related; 
  2. Agree
    FPS-Russia reacted to Zyndo in can titan x(p) run 5k at 60fps?   
    And what are their clock speeds? as i mentioned before, the titan XP has significant overclocking headroom on the card (so long as you have a good cooling solution for it or don't mind some noise).

    Also It looks like the has a failure point in his benchmarking. It looks like his test bed, whatever it is he is running, is experiencing a CPU bottleneck in those games. I'm not trying to say that the Titan XP is for everyone, or that its even a good investment, but its DEFINITELY the better card (and by a pretty big margin). There is no reason for it to beat it by 33% in Fallout 4 and then tie with it in Forza Apex. That to me looks like a CPU bottleneck, and he gets that or close to that in several of his games (you could argue that in the real world you might get similar results because you might be using similar CPU's, but I would argue that isn't a fair comparison of the GPU's at that point).
    You're not going to be using these cards at 1080p, so you're not going to be running into such CPU bottlenecks and your ACTUAL performance difference between the titan Xp and the 1080 is going to be pretty noticeable. Again, that doesn't mean everyone should go out and buy a titan XP... I'm just saying that chart and testing methodology is wrong and doesn't accurately compare the graphics cards.
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    FPS-Russia reacted to Nena Trinity in i3 6100 an upgrade for Athlon x4 860k?   
    It is cheaper just to set refractions to lowest... o3o
  4. Informative
    FPS-Russia got a reaction from Trav_X in Is the RX480 enough for 2560x1080?   
    require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.
    "I need help now"
  5. Funny
    FPS-Russia got a reaction from TheAndroidSentByCyberlife in My Nan can drive better than AMD....lel....   
  6. Funny
    FPS-Russia reacted to TheRandomness in My Nan can drive better than AMD....lel....   
    Or you know, you could save up for an actual 450W PSU like the CX450M (the Antec Earthwatts Green 380W is also good too) because that CiT thing is labelled as a 400W PSU but it's probably only 200W.
  7. Agree
    FPS-Russia got a reaction from sgtcool in BF1 is trash.   
    Bad netcode.
    Terrible map design, everyone camps and don't play objective, just get sniped from nowhere.
    Sandstorm destroys vision.
    Game runs well htough only redeeming factor.
    Will not play if i was paid to.
    Win matches but it's no fun just die taking flags whilst enemy team don't care only play for kills.... we win they lose but not fun.
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    FPS-Russia reacted to SkilledRebuilds in BF1 is trash.   
    I doubt anything could flop as fast as NMS (outright LIES), cept Batman obviously... that was pretty trashed too.
    BF1 isn't exactly EPIC, but it's still subjectively fun.
    Time will tell, population of servers and such about 2-3 months after release. (eG:Hardline)
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    FPS-Russia reacted to Jonnyswboy in BF1 is trash.   
    I don't like the game at all.
  10. Agree
    FPS-Russia reacted to incorrect in BF1 is trash.   
    Me neither. I'd rather buy Verdun, it was recently on discount , which gives realistic WWI view. Yes, no attachements, skins and all fancy stuff. Just weapons. Also Insurgency is super cool as well. 
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    FPS-Russia reacted to Kiyuubi in BF1 is trash.   
    It was boring from what I've played so far.  Just another typical BF game with a new skin.  They should have forgone the whole "Battlefield" formula and gone pure trench warfare, like the majority of WWI was.  Guess they can't, though, gotta appeal to that lowest common denominator. 
    Verdun is a better game.
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    FPS-Russia reacted to alphaproject in BF1 is trash.   
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    FPS-Russia reacted to SkilledRebuilds in BF1 is trash.   
    Starwars BF ran at 7.8GB of my 8GB and didnt give issues...
    (I do however up my pagefile to 16GB from 8GB so maybe there is that) (Reasons) Did this a while ago for Blops3 and it helped a LOT
    I'm gunna monitor mine tonight while playing BF1.
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    FPS-Russia reacted to zMeul in Which RX Card is good for me?   
    RX470 or RX480 but don't get the reference model - they're hot
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    FPS-Russia reacted to Energycore in Should I bail on my Raidmax   
    It's made by andyson
    It's probably fine, not great but not a hazard.
    To clarify: I don't think you should replace. But don't attempt to SLI R9 390s on it
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    FPS-Russia reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Should I bail on my Raidmax   
    Its kinda like corsair TBH. They make decent supplies and... less than... ideal........ supplies.
    That one doesn't look too bad.
  17. Agree
    FPS-Russia reacted to ShadowCaptain in BF1 is trash.   
    Its subjective
    some people like heavy metal, some done, some like rap, some dont
    Some people like BF1, some dont, 
  18. Informative
    FPS-Russia reacted to ShadowCaptain in BF1 is trash.   
    Well the servers are wank at the moment, since its all dice hosted, and nobody has proper servers
    and since hits are done across the network, they probably just didnt register correctly, on a proper fast server that wouldnt happen
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    FPS-Russia got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in BF1 is trash.   
    Well thank you for your posts, i liked reading them.
    I will leave my thread now since some others don't like negative opinions about games, you are all welcome to post what you like.
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    FPS-Russia got a reaction from Clanscorpia in Are these sites legit?   
    2 sound like dodgy porn sites.
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    FPS-Russia reacted to Thony in Very few people on Battlefield servers?   
    BF4 :
    Play on 64 player server only otherwise it is boring as hell.
    I play Conquest, Rush and Gun Master. Sometimes servers are down and at certain times of the day there isntany people playing.but mid day to evening i find full servers easily. (im in EU). Unfortunately Deathmatch servers are not popular
    If u are playing Hardline or Star Wars then those died a month after release so no surprise there.
  22. Agree
    FPS-Russia reacted to Enderman in ASUS's AMD graphics cards   
    Ok so what's so horrible about the strix?
    It's completely silent up to 54C and 75C is a safe temp, which you can always change if you don't like.
  23. Agree
    FPS-Russia reacted to dantayy in i7-5775C forgotten CPU   
    The performance of that CPU is close to the 6700k, that's interesting
  24. Informative
    FPS-Russia reacted to Skiiwee29 in GTX 1080 EVGA FTW running OK?   
    71c is 100% fine. The BIOS's have a built in threshold limit by default of 83c
  25. Agree
    FPS-Russia reacted to Morgan MLGman in rx480 vs gtx 1060   
    The 3GB 1060 is not better in any way actually imho. A cut-down core with less CUDA cores among other things and 3GB of VRAM make this card not worth getting.