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  1. does it show as a m.2 blue drive in warrenty ?
  2. i can get these drives way cheaper from a guy and was wondering if it just m.2 drives in it?
  3. when i try and launch a game this is what comes up https://imgur.com/a/EuumUdu
  4. how do i find these older drivers?
  5. so i bought this gpu off amazon used i installed the lastest drivers for it and it wont work so i installed gpuz and this is the result anybody know how i can fix this https://imgur.com/a/27qxVum
  6. looking for a free data recovery for my hardrive need to recover all of it pic vids documents
  7. I am buying gtx 1060 no box and they are used
  8. i am going to the usa and looking to buy a gpu or 3 and was wondering if i could bring it back on a plane with no problems i will be going back to ireland