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    Crypt1c reacted to Stahlmann in MSI mag274qrf-qd vs LG 27gl850-b   
    About the MSI monitor:
    I have not heard about any QC issues, but the oversaturation cannot be fixed on the monitor itself or the PS5 for that matter. On the PC you could fix it with a proper hardware calibration so some extend. But that's an oversight from MSI because the don't have a proper sRGB picture mode.
    About the LG monitor:
    Generally about the same performance as the MSI one, but it's contrast ratio is often more around 750:1 compared to the 1000:1 that's in the specs. That will result in slightly brighter black levels. So basically the monitor cannot display as deep of a black. But imo the difference between 750:1 and 1000:1 is not that high and in fact both are bad results. If you need a good contrast ratio, then you generally shouldn't look at IPS monitors. But with this monitor you can at least switch into a sRGB mode that will prevent oversaturation.
    It's worth mentioning thought that the LG 27GL850 (2019 model) is a few years old by now and there are 2 newer versions of the same monitor. The 27GN850 (2020 model) is pretty much the exact same monitor, but it's missing the integrated USB hub. The 27GP850 (2021 model) is slightly faster, has a refresh rate of 180Hz, and has a new OSD. Plus it adds black frame insertion if that's important to you. Depending on the price they might be worth looking at.
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    Crypt1c reacted to kagarium in Iphone 5 to 7 or 8?   
    If you care about wireless and quick charging, along with the slight camera improvement, go with the 8.
    If you don't and want to 'save' a buck, go with the 7.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Energycore in Black or white s340 elite for my build   
    Yeah grab an s340 then. It's not without its flaws but that's every case out there. For instance my beloved Enthoo Pro M doesn't support oversized motherboards, and the S340 does with a bit of modding.
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    Crypt1c reacted to samcool55 in Will painting void my warrenty?   
    Veeery likely, maybe contact NZXT and see what they think about it. I don't have much experience with them so i don't know how they think about painting, but in general it voids the warranty...
    Anyway, you can always get plastidip so you can remove the paint easily if you really have to. It's a safer option regardless if it voids the warranty or not.
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    Crypt1c reacted to i_build_nanosuits in Rx 480 vs R9 390X   
    if you're concerned about heat output, noise levels and longevity...then spend the 30$ extra on the 480...
    Both cards perform similar in games now, but the 480 is newer and will have greater driver support and optimization going on, it's also quite a bit more energy efficient.
    So....unless that 30$ really means the world to you, get the 480.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Morgan MLGman in Rx 480 vs R9 390X   
    RX 480 is better in games with heavy tesselation such as Fallout 4 and draws less power, is also on a newer manufacturing process but I don't see its advantages compelling enough to get it over a 390X assuming they're priced equally. R9 390X is a higher-end card made out of higher-quality components with a beefier Hawaii XT chip and I'd get that over a 480. It'll also be better in DX12 than the 480. BUT it draws more power and requires a better power supply.
    Important note: Avoid Gigabyte GPUs at all costs if going AMD, they're just garbage.
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    Crypt1c reacted to doomsriker in Rx 480 vs R9 390X   
    The rx 480 should have better tdp and be a better overall card. The rx 480 refrence is not tht quiet, but most people get non- refrence rx 480s
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    Crypt1c reacted to CharminUltraStrong in Rx 480 vs R9 390X   
    Without going into specifics, the RX 480 is, hands down the better card.  A while back it was even with the 390X but now it is surpassing it.
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    Crypt1c reacted to bgibbz in Base clock overclocking disadvantages?   
    You will lose access to opization and security patches and miss out on bug fixes. 
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    Crypt1c reacted to RollinLower in Base clock overclocking disadvantages?   
    it completely disables temperature reading on some motherboards. so you must use a custom fan curve at all times.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Syntaxvgm in Base clock overclocking disadvantages?   
    well not this case specific, but changing the base clock can lead to instability from things like PCI lanes. 
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    Crypt1c reacted to APasz in pcie slot reinforcement?   
    Removing the graphics card would be the safest option.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Glenwing in pcie slot reinforcement?   
    It's just cosmetic, really.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Ostwind in pcie slot reinforcement?   
    reinforcement isn't needed if you're the one handling the system and thus can be as careful as possible with it. If you're going to have people move it along with your other stuff for you then the easiest thing to do is to just pack some packing material into the system so that things cant move about. Removing the GPU from the system is another alternative to get rid of the possibility of slot damage all together.
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    Crypt1c reacted to DELTAprime in Tempered glass vs acrylic   
    I've had a tempered glass table for the better part of decade and I've drop many things onto it. It still hasn't shattered. On the other hand I get cases with acrylic windows and find it takes a what I would consider rough treatment to get noticable scratches.
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    Crypt1c reacted to huilun02 in Tempered glass vs acrylic   
    Tempered glass with detachable door.
    So you can transport it separately with more care like say, in a box with foam padding.
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    Crypt1c reacted to MaxBunny in MSI gtx 1060 vs rx 480   
    I've heard of them. Usually there are smaller Asian brands competing against bigger ones like MSI there. Inno is from Hong Kong, so yeah they're probably fine. I wouldn't be worried if I bought them. I'm still a fan of HIS.
    Whichever one suits your needs.
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    Crypt1c reacted to MaxBunny in MSI gtx 1060 vs rx 480   
    In DX12/Vulkan the 480 does better than the 1060 does in dx11  performance vs the 480. The better processor is going to make more of a difference than the GPUs.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Curufinwe_wins in NZXT s340 vs FD Define c   
    The Define C and mini C are both better cases than the S340 and priced more.
    I can't say if it is worth it to you.
    For most people though the mini C would probably be ideal.
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    Crypt1c reacted to STRMfrmXMN in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    No necessarily. Depends on what you're looking for. What two units are you looking at in particular?
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    Crypt1c reacted to Energycore in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
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    Crypt1c reacted to Energycore in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    I would take the S12G over a Leadex Silver, but if that's a Leadex Gold, go right ahead.
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    Crypt1c reacted to quan289 in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    That would depend on which two specific units we are talking about, the price they are set at, and what sort of application they will be used in. It can also depend on each units individual advantages such as modularity, quietness, dimension, etc.
    An extreme example would be I would not recommend any of the Seasonic GB based unit over the Cooler Master GM / Storm GX II (full Japanese caps version of the GM), Enermax Revolution X't, Rosewill Capstone G, FSP Aurum Pro, etc. that's in one tier under it in a dual PSU setup. In fact, you may also see me push towards those other units in more normal (as in requiring one PSU), modern day setup but still provide advantages to the GB platform (if applicable at the time of me recommending it) and let you decide on what to get.
    Of course, this also assume that both units are appropriately priced. Otherwise, I will say get neither and go for something else.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Energycore in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    If the issue is one being T2 and one being T3, but the T3 is also fully modular and the T2 is not (say, if you were comparing the Seasonic M12II 620W to the XFX TS Gold 650W), you can make the argument to choose the M12II even though it's T3. Because the reality is, the difference between T3 and T2/1 will not be felt on everyday usage computers, save for the amount of time the PSU lasts, and for the case of T3+, that should easily be 5 years and more.
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    Crypt1c reacted to Shiv78 in Help me double check   
    Oh yeah  :C
    See if any ASUS cards fit, otherwise get a different case or a EVGA mini 1060