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  1. It was the power supply thanks for the help!
  2. It was the power supply I got a new one, let's all be nice here , thanks to both of you for at least trying to help I appreciate it.
  3. Yes this has been off, I didn't leave it on.
  4. I used thermal paste, and what plastic cover. The PSU is naked there's no covering on it, and the cooler if your talking about those stickers, I took them off.
  5. I meant to put z270-p the mobo is a 270 . I apologize
  6. That's the reason it powers off after 5 seconds?
  7. Specs: CPU: I5-7600k w/ Hyper evo212 MOBO: Asus Z270-P LGA1151 RAM: gskill aegis DDR4 300mhz 16gb CASE: Corsair 460x PSU: Corsair cx650m 650 watts HDD: western digital 7200rpm 1TB i put everything together correctly I'm pretty sure , except the hard drive, I didn't put the hard drive in yet. When I turn the computer on, CPU and case fan spins for 5 secs then turns off, and motherboard ram RGB lights are lit. The case had built in stand off's so I don't have to worry about those. I took the cooler off to see if I mis-seated anything but everything look
  8. windows 7 wont automatically install anything for me
  9. I installed windows again on my PC and downloaded Asus's latest drivers from their site, and when I try to install a steam game it just freezes every 30 seconds and then drops in connection. I have tried pretty much every ASUS driver. I dont know what to do now the problem still is not fixed. Cpu: I5-4460 mobo: H97 anniversary SSD: samsung 750 evo Wireless card: ASUS pce n15
  10. My speakers and pc is connected to the power surge and they work fine and I tried different ports and it doesn't work.
  11. My brand new asus monitor that I opened out the box , I plugged it in my surge protector first and when I tried turning it on I heard a click, and it quickly turned off. It doesn't turn on when connected to the power surge but is fine when connected to regular wall outlet. Why is this happening?
  12. Amgzzz

    Asus vs HP

    This hdmi switch you speak of, I can just plug it into the one hdmi port on the asus monitor and it will have 3 more hdmi ports? Something like that right?
  13. Amgzzz

    Asus vs HP

    I'll be sitting 2 feet away from the monitor , and if my tv didn't have a glare problem and it was a old LCD tv I'm sure this wouldn't either right? I really want the HP because of the two hdmi ports.
  14. Amgzzz

    Asus vs HP

    Any reason for your choice?
  15. Amgzzz

    Asus vs HP

    Having a hard time choosing between these two monitors http://www.microcenter.com/product/467368/VP279Q-P_27_1080p_IPS_LED_Monitor http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-27-ips-led-fhd-monitor-natural-silver/5029800.p?skuId=5029800 the Asus has 5 ms response time, anti glare, and 1 hdmi port the HP, has 7 ms response time, no anti glare, and 2 hdmi ports. the reason I'm even deciding over the two is because I want two hdmi ports, one for pc and one for Xbox. And is anti-glare really that important? And can I really notice 7ms re
  16. Ah I see yeah this is a good one , but only one concern. 27 inches on 1080p, some say picture will come out fuzzy or not as clear, they say if your going with a 27 inch monitor to get 1440p. 1440p is out of the question though since my hardware can't even support it. What do you think?
  17. http://www.microcenter.com/product/467368/VP279Q-P_27_1080p_IPS_LED_Monitor is that a good one^
  18. Yeah I meant 1440p, and so what monitor can you recommend I should get
  19. Okay so my budget is like 200 bucks. I have a gtx 960 EVGA SSC. And an i5-4460. I am looking for a 27 inch monitor for gaming , and regular workstation uses. In gaming I'm not looking to get the competitive advantage so I don't need all those extra features and stuff. I am also wanting to hook up my Xbox one to it. I saw on a YouTube video though, it said something about if you get a 27 inch monitor at 1920x1080p everything will show up fuzzy and unclear? So for 27 inch monitors that would mean I have to get 1440p which would make my FPS low. Someone pleas
  20. A vibrating like sound all of the sudden came from my case and when I touch the case it goes away. What component could it be? And what components can't it be?
  21. Hey so I found out putting the computer in Safe mood, it boots exactly as it did before this whole ordeal. Meaning the welcome screen takes less than 2 seconds to load up. So should I just install a fresh copy of windows?
  22. Oops, sorry I was in a rush making this post. Well now ya know, I have windows 7.
  23. they are talking about windows 10 in that article, and the things they suggest to do dont apply to me, since I have windows 7, and I have a local account rather than an account that verifies login with internet.