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  1. Well sort of, i can choose between the realtek microphone and the stereo mix which just uses the signal going to the speakers and reads it as a mic input and just loops the sound so maybe it is a hardware switch.
  2. I was planning on doing that later but I was wondering if there's a way to do it in software?
  3. I have an Honor MagicBook 15 which has a combo mic/headphone jack. Whenever I plug in my external speakers the built in mic stops working because there's something plugged into the jack and it thinks it's a microphone. How, and can I even override this so that my laptop uses the built in mic even when the speakers are plugged in?
  4. I'd buy either of them in a store and I get a 2 year warranty
  5. yeah but I don't own a credit card that I can use for online shopping, if I did I'd just order it off ebay
  6. yeah, but I don't have a credit card and I don't have the money in cash
  7. 300€ and i don't have a credit card
  8. I'm looking to buy one of these phones and i can't decide, i know the g5 plus would be the best option as I'm on a budget but it's not available in my country for some reason.
  9. my budget is 300$ which is like 35 000 Serbian dinar and that's for the components only, also parts here are more expensive(because import's a bitch). And i don't have a credit card so I can't buy off of ebay or amazon both of which are less expensive to purchase parts at. We have pc part pickers but those offer very little info on the hardware itself.
  10. it was free and has a molex 4 pin power connector so ya
  11. that was my original plan however with the budget of around 300$, no credit card and more expensive parts here in Serbia it's not quite an option. My current system is at 270 usd without periferals. Also the 750 ti is >100$ on ebay.
  12. not available at the store i want to order from any alternatives maybe(can be red team as well)
  13. Probably not, it's an 1151 chipset and the mb has an 1150 socket