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  1. okay so far everyone saying x299 platform motherboards. what are the downsides other then the price
  2. regardless of CPU "teams" (and x299 platforms) and have the most features for 2017. oh and price? just blow me up...
  3. Can Nvidia gtx work with ryzen CPU? IS IT A GOOD IDEA....?
  4. Well lets say, a company managed to pull it off... So pros would have been that we could swap out vrams and GPU chip just like processesor and system ram..what are the cons then?
  5. True, at least we could have swap out the GPU chip like a processor.
  6. They could just soldered it in a motherboard. Like it could have been fast and cheap as mass production of motherboards could have lowered the cost.
  7. thanks guys and sorry for the late response ..i was a bit busy i downloaded it, it didn't support my platform. It was a BIOS malfunction. when their is a thermal throttling, my pc will automatically will lower clock speed in order to save power. So i just had to manually change the clockspeed. I actually figured it out 7 days after i posted this. Sorry for the late info.
  8. Actually, i used cam to monitor the heat and the frame rate while playing GTA 4 on the lowest config but it still lagged. i didn't paid much attention to the clockspeed as i don't know how to do it. can you suggest me how. i am not a huge gamer and i only use my pc for productivity like word processing. i used to be a gamer but this is a really low budget pc which a shame to even call it a gaming rig. so yeah, i never really thought of it. Exactly
  9. the stealth seems to work just fine for me.
  10. actually i did, it's true my cpu temp was above average. That's why at the fifth time i changed my cooler caz its fan wasn't rotating efficiently. Don't but it's really fucking cheap. Its 47 when it uses 93% of it's cpu capacity. This is when i played GTA 4 at its lowest config. I don't think that is the cause, because i check the temps under load which was 47 degree celsius, while playing GTA 4 under lowest confiq where the frame rate maxed out at 34. This was a low budget gaming riq back in 2009, so yeah embarrassing. Guys thank y
  11. yeah, that i get it. That's why i tried almost 5 times. Nothing is working.
  12. The heatsink compound dried out and when it does, my processor's speed drop down by half. Therefore, i used to take it to a technician and does the job done by changing the cpu fan and the heatsink compound. This time i did it myself, all was good except the speed. That remained the same. Incase if you're wondering, it's 1.3 Ghz which should have been 2.7 Ghz. But one thing noticeable is that it's running just fine. Although running games like GTA 4 is HELL.
  13. It is a phone that can be a great companion and a camera for those instagramers.