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  1. oh ya...i instantly replied so i thought it was okay,..but i get it. and ya it spins.. but i wished if the system could change the spin rate when it needs it, caz if the system cannot detect it, then can it monitor?
  2. i just said BIOS to ignore that. now it boots flawless. but would it matter?
  3. I build a Ryzen based system but i accidently bought Intel based DDR 4 Trident z 8 gigs ram(3000mhz) it runs but it scares me abit. am i bottlenecking my system or not..and mobo is Msi ROG strix B350 F- gaming. TIA
  4. as far as i know you would need 2 similar capacity of HDD in order to take the full functionality and benefits. of RAID 1
  5. hmm I a terabyte and 320 gigs..i dont think Raid would be possible( like the feature that lets you restore your lost data if one drive fails) and its gonna cut down my capacity.. I tried to use 320 gigs as my C only..and use the terabyte separately..and now the problem is its slow af..like it literally take 3 mins to refresh.. and i accidently removed my recovery partition...so i was fucked when windows crashed and couldnt find the recovery point.. so ya..its been 3 days since i bought it...performance is good
  6. I got two hard dirves. Both have different capacity and one of them has windows. I don't wanna lose my stuffs on the old one, but I don't also want to have 2 hard drives showing up whenever I try to find stuff on the storage. So what should I do to get it done.
  7. But here's the problem. I wanna game and GPU prices are off the roof in Bangladesh, where I live, and that zen 2 haven't arrived here probably gonna take a year before people bring it here. Caz 99% here are intel and AMD is like a niche brand that only top tier shops sell.
  8. Building a 650$ tower without harddive (Caz I have one) and would want a m.2 slot for expansion.
  9. Is it wrong to compare GHz between intel and amd.
  10. What is deciding difference between x370 and other older boards like b350.
  11. And what motherboard should I buy, for future proofing (for at least 5 to 6 years). Going for a cheap build.
  12. there were some concepts i figured out when i was trying to understand C++ --now i shifted to python, being aided by a book,-- can i share with you some of them and see if they are right?
  13. thanks ppl, really appreciate your responses.
  14. want to learn programming, i started actually but all i was doing was following instructions and not learning it. so i wanna scarp all of my hours of stupidity out and learn from people who actually learned it from the internet. want to productive and actually understand how libraries work and how compilers functions and what my error actually meant, not just a text saying that i am wrong. And i don't want to spend money on learning because i cant.
  15. and lets say i don't want to buy a x299 but a x370, but will it still support future CPUs i mean for a time period of about 4 years or so.
  16. okay about x299, whats the oldest generation cpu will it support?
  17. yeah but i9 processors are just not good of a value for performance.