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  1. 700$ Budget, a streaming/Gaming PC and since x570 are too much to pay at this price range, idk what to get and what to focus
  2. Need some Advice, and What GPU to get, AMD rx or GTX???
  3. Like right now i am using a dongle to connect to wifi, my PC says i have not connected the ethernet cable( but its there). i tired reconnecting the cable from both ends, https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-LAN-port-on-my-motherboard-not-working I tired what rohit told me (expect for the antivirus and firewall disabling thing). But strangely enough, when i game at night, my PC just switches to the Lan port and gets connected..IDK if this is a motherboard issue (bought it about an year ago) or my cable (but then it should just reconnect on its own), my router works caz i got like 9 devices running
  4. until

    they messed up some things on the wan show.. will be back when edited on youtube...
  5. any advice would help, also pairing it with 1060 or 50 ti(or maybe a radeon depending on the poll) and 16 gigs kit. sorta future proof, at least 6 years would be nice.
  6. Got a Intel labeled Trident z 8 gigs(from a 16 gigs kit, its BD so ya stuff goes here), works max at 2776( think i got the number right) but its rated 3000mhz, so can i do something about it. No, haven't checked QVL list when i bought it, but i did just now and it's not listed(hope i didn't miss it). Any help?
  7. hmm, but price(i mean there is of course a budget, but want to go,as high as i can for mobo) also i don't have to think about changing the mobo till 2020
  8. budget is high tiered(caz building for a kid and future upgrades, meh he is a kid), and he wants all red and black build. going for 2700x and msi gaming x 1070(or maybe 80ti). now first)is x470 a overkill? second)what should i pick. TIA
  9. well, it says it can go up to 2400 DPI. but its a knockoff.
  10. How do i know for sure what is my default DPI of this mouse?
  11. My HV-ms731 is a knockoff (i think. paid like 8 bucks on it) (screenshot) . caz the DPI button in this doesn't do anything. Is there anyway i could make the dumb button into any use. okay even if its working how will i know it? Also DO people manually change DPI like this?(screenshot)
  12. ya sorry.. the reason i asked that was my refresh rate was slow AF, like it literally took 4 mins to refresh. and BOOt time was shit. 3 mins!!. now it fixed it somehow..although its still long(boot time) about 50s to 1:20 mins.
  13. um, idk how but windows fixed it automatically..just it boots slow(not that it matters since its still faster then the boot my ddr 2 dektop used to do) and i dropped my lower HDD as my C and 1 TB as my workstation storage thanks though..
  14. okay so i then changed to another connector it shows how much RPM, dos that mean it detected it?