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  1. but why did it show microstar. he has a MSI board
  2. seems like i do The other one is my Cousins but we aren't on the same network and he and i have different acc when we installed our PC.. but thanks for the hints and guesses/// Finally relieved.
  3. FB thread sys is trash.. that yes was right after as shown by the arrow.
  4. i thought of this but i don't own a micro-star related device its just my PC and have it activated quite recently using a OEM key.
  5. no just fresh installed it and brought a new ssd. also i think its my connection. although i tested my connection via canyouseene,org as per a YT video suggested but now i have my doubts again. Also does wirelessly connected PC via a rounter counts?
  6. Got a tridentz 3000mhz of Cl-16-18-18-38 for 90$, can i OC'ed to 3200mhz on a B450 board?
  7. I got my hands on 16 18 18 38 3000Mhz tridenz RGB for 90$ but how would the OC ability be on a B450 board, or is it the CPU that makes the OC memory stable.
  8. which one sounds good, 2600 and getting 3000mhz Ram or what u recommended.
  9. sorry for the text size, idk how it happened
  10. How about this https://www.gamdias.com/component/index.php/home-7/argus-e1
  11. https://www.newegg.com/white-thermaltake-versa-n27-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811133348 also, this in our country is cheap(guess they take out the accessories and the fans to lower the cost) like53.26 dollars. do i get this our u specifically prefer this?
  12. which one sounds good, 2600 and getting 3000mhz Ram or what u recommended.
  13. and yes and although i have a high chance to add 100$ more on peripheral and monitor but its still a chance.