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  1. I had a very corrupt Pen drive i wanted to delete volume and reformat but once i inserted (i just left it in while it was booting up) chrome doesn't open, Firefox says need to quit the running firefox to open. Cannot select processes in the gnome system monitor (like it ghosts back to file system, as if someone is constantly clicking file system), POP SHOP cannot look for anything. tried to reinstall by going recovery mode, first time it failed-restart then tried again. it worked but login back in gave me the same issues again(Even the extensions and apps are intact- i thought i needed to re
  2. UPDATE Fixed..... Just needed to change from full to half duplex, even my ISP have no clue but my connection shows its true package speed when i run at Half duplex now as the port itself is damaged (kinda) i believe it cannot push that many lanes(for full duplex) but windows somehow is able to carry it regardless (i made some changes in the adapter settings to give me stable ping). HOW THE FK I DIDN'T THINK OF THIS BEFORE. https://www.garron.me/en/linux/ubuntu-network-speed-duplex-lan.html as to how i did it (i am still a noob but this was fun)
  3. um they are not, its static IP and DNS is fixed and i checked port trigg/forwarding but nothing there. but how is it a hardware failure if i am replying this using that port.
  4. they are physically the same and ya idk. let me rephrase- it only works on my PC (windows), other PCs have windows too but they dont work (cant detect ethernet cable) as well as my Linux(dual boot).
  5. I just remembered my password, i missed this so much TY though, You already know i am a noob in the linux world
  6. Few days ago one of my ports died, and the next day after i checked it up by my ISP (they usually don't ask to bring the router to them) and after a lot of tinkering somehow it worked (he was shocked as he basically gave up on it and 5 min later it started to work again) . Later when i log into Linux_ it does not connect. If i just change the port (on the router), it connects with no issue. Also i have 2 other computer that CANNOT connect to that port.
  7. can you walk me through it though? very new to linux- also i made a recovery partition when i installed.
  8. didn't work.. anyways i formatted and reinstalled. now i could have used recovery mode but i was stupid enough not making one in the first place(partition i mean).
  9. latest driver, POP os 20.4 (ig they updated with the drivers as well)
  10. I basically copy pasted a reddit post and the image but i have exactly the same issue except i can get into the terminal.. guys i am literally 3 days new to linux and cant follow up that. i have a live Cd for POP os and my boot options are ok aswell. SVM is on(idk this was the last thing i did and ran a VM for andriod using QEMU.
  11. you mean i need to start it with terminal? sure i can do that.. GUI is not a problem for me.
  12. ik but for storage i mean, i can work on it... sadly i can only read and copy from my other drives so would have been useful if i went fat 32 for it.. i mostly work on video files and pdfs so ya... Fat32 wasnt a bad idea
  13. I need to run a windows app (bulk rename Utilty) and a game (andriod) but idk anything about how to get it done. i installed anbox and its not running at all. Haven't touched on windowss yet.TIA
  14. well i could have just used Fat32 then.. oh well.. i thought about it few hours after i installed it.