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  1. also another question, can i only have my Boot efi partition on the SSD (i think that is responsible for the fast boot time) and have my root partition be on the HDD there ase well? also i meant that i dual boot windows and linux from the same SSD and have root, boot efi, swap and recovery partition on the SSD. A part of a external HDD is my home dir.
  2. I have my SSD that is shirked to run linux and windows (dual boot), and a part of a ext HDD as my home dir. Ik i thought i really wouldn't use linux for long but i began to love it and its my daily driver now. So bought a HDD for it. IF it isnt possible, suggest me a way to best use this hardware. TIA
  3. and Others, "IPS is Interruptible Power Supply. It has the same components as the UPS except that its Inverter will only turn on when the AC main power is out thus there is interruption during the switching of power from AC to Inverter. While the UPS is continuously running and supplying power to the load by its inverter which is powered by batteries. Only the battery charger stops when the main AC power is out." https://www.quora.com/What-are-those-differences-between-UPS-IPS-and-AVR But Ik how this sounds to run ceiling fans taking 250w(or more) total (4 fans- they are like as old as m
  4. i guess so, Honestly the only thing that holding me from nuking windows is valorant and LoL, and a renaming tool called Bulk rename Utility. so idk if this will even be needed but nothing wrng with gaining abit of knowledge.
  5. Lights (LED), literally 16-18 year old ceiling fans, A socket for running CRT TV and a DTH.
  6. also this should back up the home dir right? tar -cpzf backup.tar.gz --exclude=/backup.tar.gz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/tmp --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/dev --exclude=/sys / so my home partition in the exHDD is not a problem here.
  7. Bro i am really sorry that i didnt check in LTTf , DUDE this is soo awesome. I really love Linux and main it actually and would prefer over windows anyday. I logged in today just to ask for a laptop under 350$ (linux friendly i mean) and i found another Gem in the Linux community. Love you man, will try this.
  8. Preferably using a dedicated icon or shortcut on my doc. I already assigned certain app to run on certain work spaces.
  9. my home is in extHDD and root in my SSD(and also windows).. "Warning: Do not attempt to mount or boot the partition that runs the host OS with a VM, as that can lead to severe data corruption. And no matter which drive or partition you want to mount, it's always a good idea to back up any existing data on it before continuing." is it saying i shouldnt mount windows while running windows or u cant mount partition that has another OS on the same drive but on a different partition.
  10. Can you tell me how to though, i really cannot find any tutorials to do that.
  11. oh that would work too, my work is very minimal tbh. guess VM can do the trick.
  12. Basically i don't wanna do all my Configure from the beginning and i really don't wanna delete (dual booting) it to make way.
  13. if u can see the other posts, you will get where i am coming from. i have no idea how it happened and now ended up reinstalling the OS though deleting the volume.
  14. Yes, thank you for the heads up. i think its best not to dwell on (not so) advance stuff so early.
  15. i believe its gnome files, it directs me there so i guess thats it
  16. i need to edit the scripts there so ig i need to change the owner... now how to do it? very noob with linux
  17. eh? i been using pop os for a month now.. and under fresh reinstall there it was 20.04 lts. i dont think i messed up there.