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  1. Hmm.. Alright, I'm not gonna lie I've seen people talk about stuff like that with Bobby pins or something, I've just always been too scared to do it, but I'll give it a go, got nothing to lose I guess. Thanks for the response!
  2. If I'm being honest I had music going in my ears so even if it did make a sound there was like no chance I'd have ever heard it. And nope, no bios, I can't even get it to stay on much less get it to post lol, I could try to remove it, I seriously doubt that it would keep it from starting up tho
  3. System: OS: Windows 10 (fully up to date) BIOs: Latest. Mobo: Asrock B450 Pro4. CPU: Ryzen 5900x. Cooler: Standard Wraith AMD RGB. Ram: 64GB 3000MHz CL16 Corsair RGB. GPU: MSI RTX 2070. PSU: MWE Gold Coolermaster 750W Storage: P1 Crucial 500GB M.2, a Generic 4TB HDD. Software that was running: FiveM (GTA V), Team speak, Discord, Chrome (about 13 tabs), and task manager. Things I've tried: Unhooking everything besides CPU and 1 stick of Ram, Pulling out Cmos battery for 6 hours (just incase), unplugging from the wall for
  4. Did all of that, swapped in another set of Ram as well and it worked fine, idk what the actual problem was but sent the Ram back, oh well.
  5. Nobody has any ideas ey? It's actually crazy with how this thing is acting so not really much of a surprise there, guess I'll just have to send the Ram back.
  6. (Edited) TLDR; Tested to see if incorrect memory timings from xmp would cause it, nope. edit: Tested that theory and no dice, still not displaying after manually setting everything while the old Ram was in, saved and exited, booted down pulled the old Ram out (the white set) and nothing. Plug it back in, bam, post.
  7. that's not quite the solution I'm looking for, I am not looking to mix and match capacity. I am simply trying to get just the red set to work, however it will not post without the old ram in at all (the white set), regardless of which slot/s.
  8. okay, so I've read a boat load of forum post about this issue, none of which have helped. Recently I bought some new ram (this week in fact) to go into a "old" system of mine, upgrading it from 2x4 GB to 2x8 GB (same 3000 Mhz) When I put the new ram in and press power, it powers up but will not post. I put the old ram back in, boots just fine. I tested the kit in another computer so I know it's fine. (I also tested one stick at a time in the old PC) But here is the catch: if I put 1 stick of old ram in and 1-2 stick/s of the new ram in it will post, giving me 12-20 GB's. strange huh
  9. ah, mine happens with literally every game, it even does it with other things, it will just shoot to 5000 then freeze, then continue like normal
  10. nope, I hate antiviruses and will never install one lol.
  11. Hello, so this is a bit random, but I've noticed while installing games I'll get crazy high response times? in the range of 1000-5000MS delays on it, is this normal? I don't see a bottle neck in anything else, as my CPU stays around 30% usage while installing multiple games and I have 900MB Download speeds, with 16GB of ram. It slows down my installs SOOOO much. a 30GB game takes almost a hour, which is ridiculous considering it takes that long for me to install a 300GB game on Xbox. Is this normal? if not what can I do to test and see what's wrong? I apologize I'm quite the noob wh
  12. yes, as I stated, I have room for it and I don't have to have to upgrade in the future for any reason, and looks, it would look better than a AIO, and of course I am willing to spend some money just not $1000, even more so when I see people have gotten it much cheaper, I'm even fine at $700 or $800, but that's not $1000. it is simply because I would rather get it over with in 1 go and not have to spend again 4 years down the line and end up $1800 in water cooling than a simple $800.
  13. yeah, I figured it was too much but it's mainly for looks tbh, and it means I will never have to really upgrade anything other than the blocks, which I'm totally fine with, I'm the kind that wants to buy once and not have to worry with it lol I plan on running Pure water the whole time.