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  1. Hello guys, so I am in a large dilemma. I am considering purchasing surface product for studies because of the 3:2 aspect ratio. I will use it only in school and bus. In my head tablet functionality would be great in buss and for taking notes, but on other hand laptop has no leg to prop it up, etc. I will not use it for gaming or powerful tasks. Because I have decent desktop at home. Thanks!
  2. Hey, guys! Long story short I am looking for a replacement for my ie80s because one earphone broke. I am thinking of getting a refund and then purchasing a new set headphones. Any recomendations? I Do not care if they are over ears, in ears or headphones, earphones. Only thing that matters that they are "stylish" because I wear them a lot in public. Price range is 300 euro or 330 usd. I liked a lot ie80s nothing to complain about and I like low frequencies (the low frequency dials on them were turned up always). Or mabey I should just get a replacement for another ie80s? Thanks alot!
  3. My favorite thing about the M8 is the screen size. Yes apple, size does matter.