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    Croissant reacted to Catsrules in Two outputs into one input   
    Depending on your use case, you could plug the Dot into the Line in input on your computer and enable the input to go out through your PC speakers as well. 
    Deal killer would be your PC needs to be on for the Dot sound to pass through it.
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    Croissant reacted to r4tch3t in Two outputs into one input   
    You need a 4 channel 2 output mixer. Otherwise the signals can feed back from one device to another. The mixers combine the analog signals safely. The ons @Mira Yurizaki would work great, however as he said there are cheaper options. For instance I was researching a few months back and the can be had for under $50.
    Be warned though, the cheaper ones use lower quality everything so your output sound may be lower quality than a brand name one. 
    Another possibility is to plug the echo into your pc line in /mic port and have the pc pass it to your speakers
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    Croissant reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Two outputs into one input   
    There's that product. There may be others like it for less.
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    Croissant reacted to GuruMeditationError in LGBT community   
    Okay, now I am confused. 
    There are so many people on this planet and we're all such a mish mash of this and that that it would be unrealistic not to expect every possible permutation of sexuality that can exist to exist.
    Whether or not it's definable as a separate gender is largely a social issue and one of identity.
    How do I self-identify? I don't.
    If I were female I could probably have the women I want. As a male I'm alone and isolated.
    Some people transition. I however will not for reasons of my own that I just can't disclose. I'm being as honest as I can but some stuff is just off-limits. I hope you guys can understand.
    I'd love to click "like" for your comment (sorry for the lack of it) but that's kind of touching on an issue for me. I know I could be considered too literal in my interpretation but some people love people who deserve to be left alone by them.  :0/ 
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    Croissant reacted to STRMfrmXMN in LGBT community   
    I'm Plaidchanel-sexual.

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    Croissant reacted to GuruMeditationError in LGBT community   
    I'm prawnasexual...

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    Croissant reacted to Serin in LGBT community   
    Tri-sexual. Don't knock it til ya try it.   
    I never put up any pretence of being straight, gay or whatever in my teen years. So coming out was never really a thing I experienced. I tend to be more interested in peoples brains than their bits. 

    I was trying to decide how to light my new pc... decided that flaming homosexual would be a good colour scheme.
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    Croissant reacted to carguy86 in LGBT community   
    are you gay,bisexual,lesbian or transexual? 
    if so then you can post your coming out story here.
    (if you want to you could just say hi)
    ill start:
    i got caugth kissing a boy after school, my mother found us in the bicycle shed about half an hour after every one had left. and its been normal after that (none of my family actualy cared they just responded good or wow you are brave. (could not ask for a better response, im bisexual btw)
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    Croissant reacted to Puppet in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    This thread still needs something... Oh yeah more creepy face swaps!