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  1. I have a guilt feeling like I didn't make the right choice on my monitor choice, I got the Y27Q by Lenovo at around $370 ( but I get $40 cashback + discover it 5% so around $320) and minutes later the LG 27GL83A-B went on sale for $320 but I already bought so I didn't buy. I know the two are very similar but does anyone have experience with the two, if so which one is better?
  2. I saw on reddit that someone turned off adaptive sync and it allow him to have the full 1440p and 120 FPS, but I really don't know how adaptive sync works, I thought that was a setting you can turn on in your GPU settings if your monitor had it.
  3. I'm looking into buying the LG 27GL83A-B monitor for my PC and xbox series x/s (when I get one), and I've heard that since this monitor has HDMI 2.0, my xbox series x/s won't be getting the full 1440p 120 fps, only the display port will get the full potential. I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with the LG 27GL83A-B and Xbox series X/S combo, and if its true that you can't get 1440p and 120, only 1080p and 120 fps. I might be completely wrong but share if you know anything about this!
  4. Does anyone know what I can do with my led strips? What I’m trying to do is join two led strips together but I’m unsure what I have to do. (soldering, is there something I can buy to join them together, tape?) https://imgur.com/a/WVeOZXm
  5. Tran

    TV Mount help

    shoot, I have the TV for awhile now so I won't have the m6 screws.
  6. Tran

    TV Mount help

    I don't know anything about TV mounts but I plan on installing one for my TV, I have a Sanyo DP42d24 (42 Inch) and was wondering if the TV mount I found would be compatible. https://www.amazon.com/PERLESMITH-Motion-Bracket-Swivel-Extends/dp/B07K6CQGSV/ref=sr_1_6?crid=PHJOBPM9AAPY&dchild=1&keywords=wall+mount+200x200&qid=1597010686&sprefix=wall+mount+200+%2Caps%2C170&sr=8-6 Any other TV mount suggestion would be awesome!
  7. No its the XLR version and is feed to the obvious power supply to power the mic and then to a 3.5mm (connected to the mobo). I havent tested with other mics, as I don't have any other but I know for a fact that it a all around problem as the mic is messed up on every software. As when I turn on the option to hear myself, I even hear myself every robotic/muffed.
  8. Windows has been forcing me to update to their latest update for awhile now and every time I do, the update some how messes with my microphone (audio technica at2020) and makes me sound muffled/like a robot. This forces me to revert back to the older version of Windows I was in. I've tried messing with the sample rate while on the new update (it was in 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz CD quality at default) and they all sounded the same to my friends. I'm kind of tired having to revert updates when Windows randomly updates, and I'm just wondering if anyone has ran into this problem and
  9. Ahh got you, might bump up the laptop budget to $700, do you have any recommendations for one that range that has USB2.0/3.0 ports?
  10. This is a great list, very much appreciated! Do all of these best the Vivobook S15 Slim you think, as in hardware wise etc.
  11. Uhh not over 15ish” on display (so max is like 15.6”?), that’s all I can think of. No chromebooks or thinkpads as I’m kinda looking for a nice looking design too.
  12. I'm trying to find a laptop for school (prob use it for streaming services also like Hulu) and I narrowed it down to two. https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Vivobook-Portable-NanoEdge-Processor/dp/B07MKLLT6J/ref=sr_1_22?crid=3FDQYJWDOQUCZ&keywords=vivobook&qid=1579206646&s=electronics&sprefix=Vivobook%2Celectronics%2C169&sr=1-22 or https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RF2123Z/?tag=bkadamos_alltest-20&th=1 (Is there any other color?) The ASUS one is almost a $100 difference,and both have similar parts, am I missing something that is making it almost $
  13. Yeah this is exactly my problem, I need those TV as my parents want the TV so I'm pretty limited on what I can do. What I did hear from Google is that I can get another one of their pucks (Google Wifi is what theyre called) and pretty much have an acess point between two pucks in my house, and a plus with that is that the puck has ethernet within it. Idk how good it would do (if its gonna just be a powerline 2.0) but apparently I should be getting around 70% of my maximum upload and download (Google Fiber 1000) so at least 500 up and down. Way better then what I'm getting in this room atm
  14. is there a video on youtube I can watch abouit this, I'm kinda lost/confused what I would have to do. Sorry I'm just confused and all because I read that Google Fiber can't have MoCa networking and then wiith the DirectTv thing just lost me