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    Tony reacted to CPotter in LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway   
    To coincide with tonight's video release, LG has given us two units of their PF1000U Short Throw Projectors to giveaway! This will be a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions, see below for entry details.

    Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/29tAdg7
    To enter the giveaway:
    1. Comment below, tell us your thoughts about the PF1000U projector.
    2. Go say hi and give LG a follow over on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGUS
    *Entries close on 7/18/2016. 
    The winner will be announced randomly, and you'll see their names edited into the bottom of this post. I will also DM the winners, and they'll have 72 hours to respond.
    Thanks Everyone! 
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    Tony reacted to GoodBytes in Windows 10 has a Linux sub-system?!   
    If anyone wants to see it in action:

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    Tony reacted to EvilIvel in Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here   
    I know, I was wondering about that. This is actually the second run. I ran it again to see what would happen and I got pretty much the same thing but with a slightly higher score.
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    Tony reacted to IndieJones in Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here   
    Rig name: AMD used to be good
    CPU: FX-8350
    GPU: AMD Radeon 7850
    1600 8gb Crucial
    Avg Fidelity: 0.0

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    Tony got a reaction from EvilIvel in Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here   
    Your graph there is fascinating o.O, for being a 960 it's like maxed for half the test than drops way down quite strangely 
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    Tony reacted to Brenz in What Password Manager do you use?   
    Another vote for 1password. It's really good and allows you to store your Vault where you want.
    I have my Vault synced with Dropbox which is protected with a password stored in the vault.
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    Tony reacted to rodion.zissou in September 19, 2014 - The WAN Show Document   
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    Tony got a reaction from Sonefiler in Twitch just announced Google Chromecast support!   
    That will be helpful when watching the WAN show lol 
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    Tony got a reaction from Snickerzz in Twitch just announced Google Chromecast support!   
    That will be helpful when watching the WAN show lol 
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    Tony got a reaction from EChondo in Twitch just announced Google Chromecast support!   
    That will be helpful when watching the WAN show lol 
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    Tony got a reaction from Rafy in Twitch just announced Google Chromecast support!   
    That will be helpful when watching the WAN show lol 
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    Tony reacted to Jonathan=PC in FaceRig -> Immersive Character in mp games!   
    Hey guys
    Today i found a program called: Face rig
    This program changes the person in front of a webcam into a animated character(human,animal)
    If you talk or move your character will talk and move with you.
    The project is still under developement so it's not completely ready but it is pretty far.
    FaceRig is awesome for streaming or suprising a friend on skype.
    But if you think further it could be used for Real Time game character movement and interacting.
    Because if you are playing a game with a friend and you can see your friends character moving his lips when he is talking it feels more immersive(at least i think so)
    What do you think about the program?

    Under this text is an example of the program...
                  Ps: This is my first real post so it's not really professional
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    Tony reacted to ASFfergie in Your Folding Rig(s)   
    Here is my rig:

    Asus Rampage IV Extreme CaseLabs STH-10 Intel i7-3930K 32GB G.Skill RipjawZ OCZ Vertex 3 256GB Corsair Force 3 256GB 4TB WD RE Enterprise EVGA GTX 680 FTW+ 4GB 3 x Alphacool NexXxos UT60 560 Alphacool NexXxos UT60 280 EK Cpu blockEK Rampage IV extreme PPC Dual Uber 665 (Single Loop)(Dual Pump) Bitspower 250ml pump top upgrade E22 Clear Acrylic Tubing Various Bitspower black fittings Mayhem Pastel Ice White Concentrate other misc parts I am folding more or less 24/7 although I lose maybe 10hrs a week as I game on this machine. Can get 140kPPD on a good day average around 90-200k. Climbing my way up the ranks (should be in the top 100 in the next few days)
    Thinking of adding a couple of 780ti's in this beast, that should boost the PPD a little
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    Tony reacted to adhisakti in windows 9 recent leaks, all the details so far   
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    Tony got a reaction from adhisakti in windows 9 recent leaks, all the details so far   
    I'm not just talking about the aesthetic of color and shape, I'm talking about the cramming those stupid menu elements (the large news, store, mail etc) into a start menu first of all, cause I always go to my computer specs, access my control panel and administrative controls from the side they've replaced and I like them there cause they've been there for years.. (the right screen fly-out was the stupidest thing ever). the icons (specifically the windows folder) have changed and it fits the style they're changing to.. so that seems like it might be a near sure design and it looks terrible . the addition of a notifications button too... bothers me cause I already hate that they put a bunch of stuff in the bottom right (although, in windows 8 they added the ability to hide most of these so that's a HUGE plus.. hopefully this will be another optional thing and not forced). The what looks to be search and window.. transition?? buttons in the bottom left better be optional.. if it has anything to do with the 16th image ( http://pics.computerbase.de/6/0/0/7/8/20_m.png ) I don't like that feature at all, it looks identical to Apple's virtual desktops.. and I preffer just having multiple screens that i can turn my eyes to see, not push buttons to flip back and forth (again, probably optional, but completely not innovative on Microsoft's part.. ) 
    Most of these things don't seem very temporary.. It's very much in the works, granted they may flesh out a few things, give them a bit of paint and a buff.. but I'm just old fashioned in liking things how they were, xp was great, windows 7 didn't throw you too far off a cliff with a learning curve or much change and now they're shoving it all down your throat.. Windows most iconic feature IS it's start button.. and now they've tried to completely change it, that upsets me if I can have the benefits of more efficient programming in windows 8.1 .. with my windows 7 start button (I don't care if they change the style a little bit but don't take it's functionality and DON'T replace it with large ugly square colored buttons .. )

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    Tony reacted to GoodBytes in windows 9 recent leaks, all the details so far   
    Yes. Exactly like in Windows 8. You just right-click on the start button, and the power menu shows up:
    They are ways to customize it also. And they are free programs that makes it easy for you.
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    Tony reacted to s3ns3 in Searching for my next mouse (thoughts?)   
    the steelseries kinzu V2
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    Tony reacted to WhatTheQuack in Forum Server Tour   
    Just out of interest, why would the server's specs be private?
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    Tony got a reaction from Bouvie_11 in Forum Server Tour   
    I don't think this is up to date. The photo was posted like 6 days after the launch of the forum and I would think he would of updated it... i HOPE...
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    Tony got a reaction from Vitalius in Forum Server Tour   
    you wont share anything?
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    Tony got a reaction from Vitalius in Forum Server Tour   
    I am pretty sure it's not hosted by CloudFlare but they might handle the request like a firewall from the Chinese hackers however cause as far as I know CloudFlare doesn't do hosting.
    Edit: Also, The question was on the hardware.
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    Tony got a reaction from Vitalius in Forum Server Tour   
    That's for Linus Media Group, The forums (that we're typing on right now... lol) are on a computer they built and put into a data center. SquareSpace is limited to html and stuff that can be put on a cloud. I'm about 99.99% sure you can't host IP Board software in a SquareSpace account.
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    Tony reacted to KatanoWaki in Best programming tutorials on Youtube   
    I started watching Derek Banas' Java and Android tutorials on Youtube. He does a ton of other stuff too like graphic and web design tutorials and sql. He's answered about every question I've left on his site www.NewThinkTank.com, you can check him out there or just subscribe to his Youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/derekbanas. 
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    Tony reacted to ObeseWalrus in Alice in Tumblr-Land (for tumblr fans?)   
    This is genius!
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    Tony reacted to B NEGATIVE in MilSpec   
    More progress.....

    Front panel roughed out before final filing

    360 rad test fit.

    Rad painted and fitted and pipe work set out.
    Still needs some alignment tweaks but this is the routing.

    D5....of course.

    Fitted and filled.

    So all i have left to do is the front panel paintwork,the last bit of wiring and tidying and choose what fluid to run.

    I am actually enjoying working on small cases again!