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  1. hey so i have a .jar file which i want to execute using java although whenever i download it, it is set to default as a winrar file. I have tried changing this default but there are no other options and i need it to become a java .jar file. I have installed java but when i try open with there is no option to use java se binary which is the option that i need. Is there any solution anyone can help me with polease Thank you so much in advance
  2. yeah he could but for now can u build one on pcps plz
  3. like around $5000. he more wants it for mining but like he will probe play overwatch and like medium intensity games
  4. so can you build him more of a mining build on pcpp
  5. i have no idea what that means but lol
  6. well, he just wants a powerful pc like i mine with one gnu which doesn't get much but still. he wants more of a mining build
  7. YO, so i have a friend who watnts to build a computer for btw mining, gaming and basically everything but he has said something that he wants to have a quantum cpu but I don't understand him. Could someone plz explain to me this and/or create a good build for gaming, btw mining and everyday use which is cost effective but very powerful Thanks
  8. wait, i thought i could just plug 1 card into all monitors and have 1 plugged into mobo which I setup only for mining in mining software?
  9. oh whoops, soz haha. i just always say it. thanks
  10. thats siq man, cool. nis the rx580 or 480 better for ming than nvidia?
  11. yeah so like I just plug it in and assign that one for btc and the other I just leave?
  12. someone told me i dont want to sli them as they would be kinda turning it into 1 and I dont want that because I want one for mining and the other for the display and other games and stuff