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  1. Here's a sneak peek at the case by way of renders provided by Parvum, that I cropped I designed the case in Affinity Design and shot the vector files to Parvum and from there they did their magic! Case shipped yesterday and is inbound I have also updated most of the remaining parts list on the main page.
  2. Annnnd…. The updates will be coming fast on this build. Case shipped today, and I've started putting together components etc. I'm also please to say that Team Group has joined this build, providing some gorgeous ram that will be in the next update. Below is the CPU, Watercool Heatkiller IV block, Watercool Heatkiller D5 Pump/Top combo, and the CPU/block mounted on the mobo:
  3. Annnnnd... Here's the first specimen for the build; the ASRock X399 Taichi Threadripper board. I was between z370 and x299 Micro ATX originally, but I pretty much chose Threadripper again because it's just, well, more interesting - and this board existing sealed the deal. I think it's absolutely gorgeous I've also received some other parts as well - M.2 SSD's, M.2 heatsinks, and GPU's. For the GPU's I switched from 1070 TI's to 1080's.
  4. Sooooo…. After much deliberation, I've made a big component change to the build.... I've decided to go with the Asrock x399m Taichi Micro ATX, Threadripper board. The board will be with me in a few days. It's just too damn beautiful It will be paired with a 1900x. My goal is for this build to be done in time for the game's release of early October, so IF Threadripper 2 chips pop up a decent time before then (they're supposedly still x399 compatible) I'll use one of those. But I will most likely stick with the 1900x.
  5. He is indeed! On a side note, with the Watercool partnership on this build, I will be using new rads that they are releasing this Summer. Can't wait to see them, Watercool's design and quality is bar none
  6. it gives me great pleasure to say Watercool and their Heatkiller line of products are in tha house on this build... P4 will be kitted with Heatkiller blocks, D5 pump combo, and some glorious rads
  7. Welcome to my 4th Parvum Systems build... The first was Parvum Titanfall, the Second was Parvum Warfare, and most recently Tears In Rain. If you hadn't guessed yet, this one is themed around the upcoming Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 release... More on that below. I have a thing for doing themed builds I just can't shake... I guess it's just what I do! It allows my to tap into a rich universe and pluck thematic inspiration. Something about this build style just motivates and excites me. When I get an idea for these themed builds something usually gra
  8. Thanks Bill! Thanks! Really hard to give a time quote as I did it over the past year... The longest part was the video; 8hrs of shooting followed by 20hrs of editing
  9. And the time has come for final photos! There's a ton split into two parts - turned on, and turned off. Again thank you to Parvum Systems, Watercool Heatkiller, Ensourced Custom Sleeved Cables, and DazMode/Darkside!
  10. Well ladies and gents, it's been a long road to say the least, but below is the video reveal for this build! (Use headphones if you got 'em!) Final photos will follow within the week. Special thanks to the boys at Parvum (Justin & Shaun), Jakob at Watercool (Heatkiller), Joey at Ensourced Custom Sleeved Cables, and last but most certainly not least, Daz at DazMode and Darkside Computer Modding. These folks helped sponsor this project and even though they sponsored, I 100% believe they represent the absolute best-on-the-market for each of their respective products.
  11. Approaching the finish line.... The build is almost complete, it's filled, booted and undergoing some final touches. The last components to share are the amazing Darkside LED strips, and the Primochill Vue. Hands down Darkside LED strips are my favorite and I would never use another brand period. Down below is also a sneak peek of the Vue in action...