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  1. running a gtx 770 at the minute, lovely lovely kepler, which can pass the steam VR benchmark, albeit if I run VR games at low settings, which no one wants to have to do. So an RX 480 would be an awesome upgrade, meaning I might be able to "borrow" one of my lecturers htc vives for "coursework" purposes.
  2. All I can say on the topic of brexit now, is that I'm rather pleased that this still has to go to parliament to be voted on, before we can initiate article 50 legally. And as there are 350 MPs known to be pro remain, that's a majority of 50 already, so it's actually looking more unlikely that we will be leaving the EU, which really makes me feel better. As long as Messrs Johnson, Gove, Greyling and Farage are kept away from number 10 (Give the PM job to Theresa May please!) then I'll feel a lot better about the whole situation, because Farage is, to be blunt, An absolute nonce. Greyling
  3. Okay, for those people who are voting to leave the EU, or have yet to make their mind up, allow me to help you with reasons why we should stay. 1. Roughly only 12% or so of our laws come from the EU, and the UK has agreed to every single one of them. They have not been forced upon us, remember, we vote for MEPs who are our voice as a nation in the EU, much like our MPS are our voice in parliament. 2. We pay £190 million per week to the EU, not £350 million, which totals up to 0.6% of our entire GDP, which is nothing compared to how much goes into the NHS and the rest of the government spen
  4. no, you replace the plastic layer with another plastic layer, doing that will be easier than trying to fix the display on say a galaxy s7, because you just need to peel up and stick back down, instead of unscrewing it or using a heat gun (i.e. sony z series)
  5. Oh that's fine, because you can peel up the first plastic layer and replace it easier than a gorilla glass display
  6. take the HTC 10, give it a 1440p AMOLED display, the screen from a moto x force and IP68 rating and that's pretty much my perfect phone.
  7. Honestly, it wasn't too bad, it was a bit nervy as they were just getting into it. I reckon after a few episodes it'll get a lot better, although I do think extra gear on BBC 3 will be better, because it's Monkey Harris doing it, and he really knows his stuff.
  8. Absolutely brilliant bit of boxing that then by Bellew! Knockout at Goodison as well!

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    2. SeriouslyMikey


      New Top Gear is amazing. 


      Sorry, I made that up. 

  9. So Guess what?

    The latest windows update on branwen caused the GPU to OC to max: i.e. voltage up to max, core to max and mem to max.

    Took me a while to find out, as well as a number of reboots and going through other issues, unfortunately it was running at those speeds for a while.

    luckily I've sorted it out and hopefully it'll be okay. Might replace the thermal paste and give it some tlc when I get home next weekend, before I buy a 1070 this summer.

  10. really doesn't surprise me that that's the case, looking at the attitudes of some people in the past I wouldn't put it past them being company employees.
  11. Martinez has been sacked by Everton, thank god I won't need to hear the word "Phenomenal" in the same way again.

  12. Definitely buying a GTX 1070 if it's going to keep a similar equivalent price in the UK as it has in the US.

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    2. Thorium19


      A guy can dream can't he?

    3. Thorium19


      I'll probably get it around august time I reckon, let the aftermarket models come out and see which is the best and for prices to finish fluctuating quite so much. I just hope someone makes a yellow accented cooler (looking at you MSI)

  13. I'm quite tempted to order a nexus 5X, as my Z3 has had far too many issues, however I want to get Leeds festival tickets and a new monitor this summer, so probably won't be able to afford one of them. Decisions, decisions...

  14. none, I can't stand reality TV in general. Mind you, I barely watch TV anyway, only for sport and gogglebox these days.
  15. Haven't been round these parts for a while, no thanks to uni. Gonna try to get back into posting now that I'm on easter break 9_9

  16. Totally would throw that SSD into my main rig and raid 0 it for ultimate speeds. Or I'd donate it to my friend, who currently does not know the wonders of SSD speeds and must be shown the light.
  17. Ducky all day and night for me, don't even bother putting razer on the list of you ask me. Corsair are alright, but they're the big name show off when it comes to mechanical keyboards, maybe not the reliable ones sadly.
  18. I want to say that the super bowl was boring, defence vs defence, but watching Carolina screw themselves over was just brilliant. Oh, and the Denver sacks were outstanding.

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    2. SeriouslyMikey


      That and it's stop-start gameplay and heck of a lot of adverts when they could be playing. If they didn't have such a large focus on advertising, maybe the games wouldn't be nearly as long. Plus, the padding annoys me for some odd reason.

    3. Thorium19


      advertising is jut everywhere in american sports, it's a shame, but if you look past it it's not too bad.

      the stop start nature of it is frustrating at first to those of us used to non stop sports, but with all the handovers of play you can see why it's so slow to progress.

    4. SeriouslyMikey


      I can understand the strategic side to the game, but I don't think it's that hard to come up with them. At least I have the non stop-start gameplay of rugby to keep me entertained, especially when England won over Scotland. 

      Take that, you whiskey drinking fucks. :^)

  19. I'd consider the AOC i2369VM, if they still have them for £120 or so, at least they were that price a few months back, haven't looked in a while though.
  20. Thorium19


    read speeds on most SSDs are very similar, it's the endurance and write speeds that make the difference, and the 850 evo has a greater endurance than pretty much every other SSD out there.
  21. Thorium19


    Samsung 850 evo, it's around £60 and trumps anything else out there if you ask me that isn't M.2.
  22. Do I need any statement? Those who saw my member title on the old forum know well enough.
  23. Yeah, it would be a lot better if we could dismiss them, they take up unnecessary space and make it look cluttered. Haven't tried blocking the elements but as you've found out, it just breaks the forum.
  24. fractal design arc mini r2 is solid, if you ask me it's the best one that will support a radiator whilst still being small, the 350D is just too large for an mATX case if you ask me.
  25. 128gb in my surface 3, although most of the things I run on it are stored in a 64GB USB drive. When a 356GB micro SD card comes out at a decent price then I'l install one of them in the surface.