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  1. I didn't know anything about that one. If it had been out when I bought mine I'd have gone for it and a krait mobo instead for the looks. I do love my raven 5, it's been dropping in price steadily I've noticed and it's such an impressive case. Don't get me wrong cable management is tricky, but I can route all of them including the 24 pin and still close the side panel, so it does work. Plus those thermals are incredible. I do think the hard drive cage and PSU mount are poorly placed, but you caqn get away with a 170mm PSU just about if you have flat cables. Braided and you'll need to sacrific
  2. I quite like the looks of it, but the whole concept means if you don't like it, you can change it so easily to make it look nice.
  3. Just going to snag the metro redux collection, that's a bloody good price and I doubt it'll ever be that cheap again. I'm also waiting for cities skylines to drop to a minimum of 50% before I get it, as I think I'm going to spend most of my time this summer on it
  4. I cycle most days for around 20 minutes, and on the weekends I tend to get at least an hour solid in. I also walk to a lot of places, and as I prefer to speed walk it does help, compared to the "Sunday stroll" that happens when I take my dog out. I used to do a lot of long distance running when I was younger (Was on my school cross country and track team for 800m distance and up) as well as going swimming 2 or 3 times a week at competitive clubs, even taking part in a few competitions (I was too small and underdeveloped to win anything) however I ended up giving it all up due to exams, pubert
  5. Oh I love my raven 5, although I think I might have a fling with the mastercase 5 at some point in the future. It's an open relationship so it's allowed... (I seem to have a thing for cases with the number 5 in.)
  6. I've had a go of the browser. It's pretty quick actually, although it did have an issue with running scripts when I tried toaccess anything on the LTT website. Although it goes through fine when you click yes, but happens every time on the forums.
  7. Silverstone do rotated and inverted motherboard trays,I don't know of them doing horizontal cases. I would look at the HAF xb and thermaltake core X9 (I think it's that one anyway) as they're the best horizontal layouts I know of besides caselabs and Lian li
  8. The i7 has arrived. Going to test t all this weekend, and will be updating the build log once it's all completed next week.

  9. Sony xperia Z3, apple ipad mini (1st gen), apple ipod nano 6th gen, apple ipod touch 2nd gen, toshiba satellite C660D 10W, nintendo ds lite.
  10. You could see if there was anywhere nearby that could anodize a 212 or similar for relatively cheap, but then again that extra money spent would probably be enough for a dark rock 3.
  11. We don't know, and we don't know. Best guess is around $100+ for the cheapest one, and probably in the next couple of months (august apparently)
  12. Yeah. It probably won't be as bad as people think it is, it just seems like a low number, and it is, but not as low as could be. Stock would probably last well into november or december depending on how it sells, especially when you look at the market share amd had and how likely it is that people will move from nvidia just for a fury card.
  13. The anodize them, that's how they make them black, as that doesn't affect performance unlike paint, which can due to the thicker layers that acts as an insulator. It isn't catastrophically bad, but you'll get noticeably higher temps. I'd look at either enermax or phanteks for a cheap coloured heatsink, or look on ebay for a be quiet! dark rock 2/3 going cheap.
  14. Yeah, I did a quick search and got nout. It'll definitely be higher than 30,000, that I want to say, but it'll be less than 250,000 I'm fairly sure. 50,000-150,000 seems like a good rough estimate IMO. Less than I would have expected, but I did significantly overestimate in my first go I'm sure.
  15. GTX 960 or GTX 770 (if you can still get one cheap) would be similar performance and price range.
  16. At least in the hundreds of thousands would be my guess. But then again, they don't have a ridiculously costly new technology integrated do they.
  17. I've personally not tried it yet, but I don't think it will support connecting to the PS4 when rooted, as it is a sony only feature. I will say though that the sony UI isn't too far from stock IMO, especially with lollipop on it. It looks decieving with all the round sony apps on the front and the wave wallpaper, but it looks closer to stock than the likes of HTC, samsung and LG. If you aren't keen however, just stick the google now or nova launcher on it and then you can also keep those playstation features.
  18. I would say the 770 is good for high details, 2xAA @1080p currently for 60fps, but I wouldn't do triple monitor gaming with it. if you want a multi-monitor setup, go for the 970 at a minimum IMO. I didn't even realise there was a member called 1080p. Kinda unsurprising though...
  19. that's on wireless and near peak. If I wait until about 10 or later I can get 52 down 3.5-4 up.
  20. Same. His download at its slowest is 15 higher than mine at optimal times, and I haven't even mentioned the upload. If only I could get upload faster than 4Mb/s
  21. It's not the IHS that's the issue, it's the glue holding the heatsink plate on that's the issue. Because it's not soldered on, the glue creates a slight gap that causes the thermal paste to not make full, proper contact with the plate. It's why when people delid their cpus they get better temps, because they get rid of the glue and allow full and proper contact. It's just an intel screwup when really they should have sticked to soldering them on.
  22. Another of these threads? Alright then, here it is http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/G8vgyc
  23. Now this is bloody cheap for an overclockable i7. So much so I've jumped on it myself, should be arriving tomorrow.
  24. Logan by a long way. He just acts like a man-baby whenever someone disproves him or questions him. Jay just likes to put people in their place, although occasionally that can come across as quite snobbish, especially on the topic of watercooling.
  25. It's a pretty good monitor if you ask me. TN panels are starting to get rather good with viewing angles and colour reproduction these days. Not to the sort of levels you'd get with IPS, but still very impressive. Plus the FS range is nice and large all the way to the max refresh rate. I would say this is close to the perfect monitor possible at the moment. If it was 1440p, IPS and supported both freesync and g-sync I think this would be the perfect monitor for the masses under current technology.