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Status Replies posted by Thorium19

  1. I love how the application form for The Co-Op supermarket is also available in braille. Yes, because that's who you want working in a shop, the fucking blind.

  2. Anybody else here have a thing for lefties? Just me?

    1. Thorium19


      I'm a lefty if that's anything :P

      Actually I'm more ambidextrous, I just write left handed.

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  3. The Ferrari 458 Italia and 488 GTB are ugly. #unpopularopinions

  4. This beats all of LTT's build vlogs.

  5. So I now have to spec and possibly build 2 systems, and maybe a third but more likely just find a good prebuit, for people at uni.

  6. I should stop looking at the Blackmagic website, my camera gear lust is at an all time high right now

  7. Now to make a semi-difficult decision. Do I get Need For Speed on Xbox One or PC?

    1. Thorium19


      well if it has decent online features and friends have xbones, then I'd go for it on that, otherwise PC and controller or wheel and consider getting a stream box.

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  8. gtx 780 lightning for £195 @)cUk, so damn tempting as it'll go perfectly with my rig.

  9. gtx 780 lightning for £195 @)cUk, so damn tempting as it'll go perfectly with my rig.

  10. gtx 780 lightning for £195 @)cUk, so damn tempting as it'll go perfectly with my rig.

  11. gtx 780 lightning for £195 @)cUk, so damn tempting as it'll go perfectly with my rig.

  12. Overclockers are doing the 780ti for £240 - time to go SLI I think :D

  13. Leather watch bands look weird to me (that and they're not really comfortable.) I much prefer metal bands since they actually have some breathability and the style matches the watch.

  14. I went back and began to play Battlefront for a good 3 more hours, but with a buddy and my God, it's outstandingly fun! I adore this game now. :D

  15. Battlefront Beta is nothing special. Yes, I know it's "just a beta" but it still needs to grab my attention and make me keep wanting to play. It's not like that at all, annoyingly. Back to CS:GO.

    1. Thorium19


      You can already play the beta? I apparently can't get on for another half an hour

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  16. Nervous about filming my review this weekend, its actually really hard, I dont know how Linus cranks these out so fast >

  17. Looks like I'm becoming the resident PC builder in my halls. Already got one guy ask me to give advice and build to a PC for him after Christmas and another few considering it.

  18. I saw a kid on campus today with an EVGA lanyard. I wanted to get his attention badly, but I was on line in the campus bookstore.

  19. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a z87 ITX motherboard? Preferably brand new.

  20. Damn I hate dyslexia, went to kill a rogue process and typed the wrong one(yeah, "oops").

  21. Bendan Rodgers sacked! Not too sure if it was the right thing to do

  22. If you could make a sandwich of two political candidates in US history and make them president who would those people be?

  23. America's gun control is ONE of the issues why school shootings happen, but not the main by a long shot.

  24. This new NFS game, I'm definitely getting it.

  25. MSI said I get to keep the Ghost for 3 weeks :D

    1. Thorium19


      nice. Maybe do a bunch of tests with it like how long the battery lasts on different tasks?

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