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  1. Personally, I think overwatch can be an esport, I mean it technically already is, with lots of pro teams getting in on the act, a competitive scene existing, although most of it is temporary until the Overwatch League starts, and Bilzzard are actively trying to develop the game both with balancing and content, to keep the game viable and interesting. Whilst the pro scene is a bit of a wasteland besides the APEX league currently, the introduction of the overwatch league later on in the year should bring about more stability and value for pro teams, as currently it's pretty difficult
  2. Upgraded my CPU cooler, picked up the corsair H80i V2 in the black friday sales, just installed it now, not exactly quieter, but definitely cooler temps and better looking to boot. It was an absolute pain in the proverbial arse to install mind you, due to how stiff the cabling is and the rotated motherboard of my case resulting in the rear fan being near impossible to keep in place.

  3. 2016 has been a really bad year, it's like everyone is trying to one up each other on how badly they can screw up. Is it too early to have new year?

    1. spwath


      At least in 7 days there's something good coming that based on your profile pic you will enjoy.

    2. Thorium19


      well as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, just a shame it's barely enough to keep spirits up

    3. spwath


      At least you don't have to live in the USA.... Who knows what will happen to me in the next 4 (or less...) Years.

  4. Hold on, it's the republicans like Dick Cheney who are preventing Obama from closing GitMo, not a democratic conspiracy, and Trump has stated before he wants to "Load it up with bad dudes." So if you're going to vote for the people who want to deal with GitMo, vote democrats or greens, as they actually want to sort it out, not add more unproven criminals to a higher than supermax prison outside of the law. Oh yeah, and ISIS was a direct reaction to republican action of starting the war on terror, and AL Qaeda was only brought into significance by a republican lead government in the first
  5. Ah, democracy at its finest, where the many cannot really choose their leader, but still choose to believe that they did. Democracy is so overrated. (damn house of cards getting to me!) Personally I'd vote Clinton, because I wouldn't want a misogynistic, racist, bigoted slob in power who openly admits to fundamentally supporting sexual assault on women. Trump is very much establishment, he comes from old money, is friends with plenty of politicians (heck The Clintons went to his wedding to his current wife) and dodges taxes like a student dodges library fees. He lies blatantly to t
  6. So then, what is everyone's dream attainable car? Lets say a car which after you've worked for a few years will have dropped enough in the used market for you to be able to reasonably buy? Personally, I'd go for the Nissan GTR R-35, you can find them for £40,000 now, and if the R-34 was anything to go by, they'll halve in value again hopefully, so in 10 or so years time I should be able to afford one.
  7. Well, I'd rather we didn't leave, but if we're going to then having a plan is useful, it'll put us in a better situation than we would have been had Junker had his way in July and made us trigger article 50 straight after the referendum. I'm hopeful it'll be quick and painless, but it never is when big political, economic and social situations change in what is likely to be quite a significant change. This is especially true if we fail to make an agreement with the EU on an open market trade.
  8. meh, just looks like a htc a9 redesign more than anything. I'd want to look around the software and how good the camera is before I make any proper judgement on it, but it's different enough from an iPhone to stand out in my opinion, especially with a half and half back.
  9. I've just come back from the Manchester classic car show, and I finally got the chance to sit in a Tesla model S, the new face-lifted one as well. It was only a P60D, but I'd still give an arm and a leg to own one and be able to drive it now if I could. Oh, and they were taking bookings for test drives, sadly not accepting deposits for the model 3, otherwise I think my dad might have just gone "fuck it!" and ordered one. On the drive back home he was checking the prices of the used model S market. Also, there were a few other nice motors there, such as a McMerc SLR, Aston DB5/6, a corvett
  10. I'll go full SSD, when I can get 1TB for the same price as a 500GB SSD is at the minute, so about £130. WHen they hit that price then I'll go straight over and won't look back. Basically when all the drives drop a price bracket then I will finally commit, but until then I'll stick with an SSD and HDD setup.
  11. Witness me! Witness me all shiny and chrome!

    So the 1070 AC is here, it's installed and it's bloody brilliant, over twice as fast than the old 770 and it looks stunning. I'm going to work on a review for it, but I might wait until I get a new monitor so I can test it at higher resolutions properly.

  12. Samsung had better not bloody do this, I've only recently started to like them again and decided to get an S7, now they're going to stab us all in the back in the pursuit of following on apple's coattails. Given the S7 series has been so incredibly good, I really do think they will need to assess the situation before making such a drastic decision. You were the chosen one Samsung, I don't want to have to go back to Sony, not after last time.
  13. the 1070 is out for delivery finally! Now I need a 1440p monitor and I can truly appreciate the glory of this day!

  14. Whilst I'm waiting for amazon to send out my GTX 1070, I've started to consider buying a Mac Pro G5 case and modding it to fit my rig. There's a number that are cheap on ebay, with a few scuffs and scrapes, nothing that can't be fixed. Plus, Lian Li make motherboard trays hat I could be used. There's only one problem in this endeavour. I'm shit at DIY!

  15. Ordering a 1070 SC, although amazon have a backlog of orders so it's going to be a bit before I get it.

  16. Banned for still using the stock profile picture
  17. Thorium19


    Welcome to the forums, cookies ad cake can be found to the left, drinks are just next to them, and the dueling arena is dead ahead. There's also a market if you go past the arena and carry on, missing out the giant chasm of a console subforum. Now that you know where you're going, don't forget to read all the CoCs, rules and regulations and then sign away your soul on the dotted line.
  18. Okay, so project: rebuild will be happening over the next couple months, I'm going to order a 1070 in the next week or so, then I think a new CPU cooler will be on the cards, considering a H80i V2 along with the possibility of more ram. Finally, a new 1440p monitor, some braided cablemod cables and some LEDs should wrap it all up. I'm hoping to have it all done by January when the 2nd student loan of the year comes in.

    1. SeriouslyMikey


      What model 770 did you get. 4GB or 2GB? 


    2. Thorium19


      2GB, I keep running out of room in GTA, skyrim, cities skylines and basically anything that's been made in the last 3 years

    3. SeriouslyMikey


      You git. I would have bought it if you were up for selling. 

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  19. personally I'd go for the S7 edge if you want a large screen, and use an otterbox defender or something along those lines, giving you the ruggedness of the S7 active, the curved large display of the note 7 and the large battery of both. Plus it will avoid the exploding note 7 issue and not fully waterproof s7 active issue
  20. Honestly, the guy should use total war: warhammer or cities skylines to see just why an i7 works well these days. An i5 is still the bang for buck cpu, but the i7 really is seeing benefits now, even BF1 uses 6 to 8 threads at 80% load at times. People who are going to make videos on subjects like this need to do some proper research and testing before publishing their results, otherwise people who do their research are just going to make a mockery of them, and those who haven't done their research will be lead astray by false information.
  21. Oh well look at you with all your fancy reputation, you shitposter I've been away from LTT forums for the large part of a year, thanks to uni taking up so much of my time, but I do need to start posting more again now that I'm moving into my own place
  22. All I can say on the issue is that he has every right to do what he's doing, I've never understood the whole uber patriotic attitude of the USA and as the "land of the free" I think he's entitled to use the platform he has to bring attention to the poor situation that is growing in the states for black people. Yes he is a rich, well known and privileged guy who has had many opportunities in life, but he's trying to bring attention to those who don't have the benefit of a good start in life that he has had, being adopted into a well off family and finding success easily. As a Brit, I
  23. The new overwatch brawl is good fun, literally D.VAs everywhere you look

  24. the 212x is an update to the evo, it's newer and will perform better. Personally, I'd take the cheaper between the pure rock and the 212x, as they're very similar. The only reason to go for the shadow rock is if they're within about 10 euros of the pure rock/212x.