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  1. I'm finally looking to do a major system upgrade this coming summer, all but the storage and gpu will be moving on. I'm considering going itx with the lian li tu150, that case looks so good and is super practical. Will also be a ryzen build, now I just need to decide on R7 or R9 ?

  2. at the end of the day with OW2, if you only play PvP you don't need to buy it, as all the new features will be ported over. This is effectively just the PvE side of overwatch, which up until now the archive events have covered. I think the price might be a little steep, but everything up until now with overwatch has been free, barring the blizzcon skins and mercy breast cancer skin, so I can understand from a business perspective why they would want to charge for what will hopefully be an entirely complete campaign with additional features that just PvP overwatch won't have. In anot
  3. man, this is an appalling precedent tesla are setting here. Once something has been purchased from the manufacturer/first dealers with a feature, then those features should remain on the vehicle unless there is a serious risk by having them, eg. a major software security issue or a newly discovered flaw. If I want to lease a car for its features, I'll get it on PCP, but if I buy a car outright, I'd expect it to keep all its features even after I've sold it.
  4. I strongly recommend getting a screen protector as a priority purchase, as the plastic screen on the switch can scratch easily on the dock when you're sliding it in and out.
  5. I only have a sony a5000, but the oldest lens I have for it is probably my helios 44-2, or maybe my auto chinon 55m f1.4. Both are gorgeous lenses for different situations, largely background dependant. the helios I love to use when I'm looking for that artsy, swirly bokeh, trying to take a fairy tale picture. Whilst the chinon is just incredible open wide whilst avoiding chromatic abberation. I wish I had a lighter prime lens, as both are an effort to lug around with all my kit, but the quality makes it worthwhile
  6. Honestly, the Model O and model O- are probably the best lightweight mice on the market currently, so I'd definitely suggest you look at these. I just picked up a Model O and love its feel and weight. Also, the Logitech Gpro Wireless has some incredible wireless capabilities, better than anything on the market (although razer are catching up) but some may have double click issues, as do basically all their wireless mice (I've gone through 2 G903s so far with this issue). Otherwise, the razer viper ultimate is the next best lightweight wireless mouse.
  7. Banned for preventing someone from protesting
  8. This is honestly the most beautiful case I've laid my eyes on, and I wish I could realistically afford it and do it justice. I doubt we'll ever get a case like the TJ07 and its many modded variants ever again, and it's a shame, it's that good.
  9. Mickie from Dallas fuel (PMA ftw), plus Tobi and Ryujehong from Seoul Dynasty (how to carry on support). All established Overwatch pros now playing in the OWL.
  10. probably about 400+ hours on overwatch across 2 accounts, then PUBG on about 80 hours or so. Honestly, I just love playing and watching overwatch, although I've struggled to play competitive recently due to the Mercy changes spoiling my fun as a Lucio main.
  11. samsung smart switch should support the nexus 4, it's listed on the smart switch website as one of the supported devices. If not, have a look at these and see if they work http://smartphones.reviewed.com/features/how-to-transfer-apps-data-new-smartphone-android-iphone-ios
  12. Just a heads up, the g6 has a glass back just like the S8 and new iphones, so will likely crack if dropped without a case. its a good phone which has sadly flown under the radar because of the S8, so I'd recommend it. I would also suggest looking at the oneplus 5t, as that has an all metal build so will likely be closer to your m8 in durability.
  13. Don't you just hate it when your ISP decides to give you a third of the speeds you pay for. Tried streaming some Overwatch and had tons of dropped frames, near 50%. I go on speedtest and discover the upload speed is 3.1 Mb/s, when we should be getting 9Mb/s. lovely.

    1. CircleTech


      How recently did this happen? Sometimes with my ISP Comcast I notice slowdowns especially during bust times of the day.

    2. Thorium19


      To be honest, the upload speed drop is only in the last week, but the download speeds have been at best half of advertised for the last few months, at all times of the day, even 4 in the morning. It's with sky in the UK though, so they can actually get away with it so long as some of their customers achieve the advertised speeds.

      If the upload speeds aren't back to where they are meant to be by tomorrow, I'll be giving them a call to sort it out however.

  14. Finally upgraded to fully SSD storage with a 1TB MX300. Noticably quicker loading games and other programs, and I have a new chair arriving tonight, finally I'll be able to game in comfort.

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      Full SSD master race!


      Can't remember the last time I had to defrag or deal with stupid hard drive clutter since I've had SSDs only in laptops for 3 years now and an all-SSD desktop for over a year.

  15. 5/10, There's too much grading, too much going on. It almost looks like a painting it's that bright and lacking in shadows and dark areas that should be there. I was testing out my replacement Chinon 55mm F/1.4 lens, as I managed to drop and crack the rear element on my previous one. I managed to grab a newer one on Ebay, but I'd still like to repair the old one as it's a 70s vintage and it's my main go to lens alongside the Helios 44-2.
  16. Eh, if it can track location data and health data, specifically for use by emergency services, then I have no issue, it'd help with kidnapping, rape, murder cases etc. and could notify paramedics if someone is having a heart attack, or it could let carers in an old folks home know if someone is having a stroke, for example. The benefits outweigh the negatives if you ask me, so long as the data is encrypted and only sent to authorised people. Employers should only be able to access specific data at specific times of the day, whereas emergency services should be able to track it 24/7. If it
  17. So I'm scrapping the 1TB SSD plan, going to get a 144Hz monitor instead. Considering the BenQ Zowie XL2430, although the Acer Predator XB241Hbmipr is a real temptation due to being G-sync. Time to start flipping coins and watching prices.

  18. The main issue so far is down to lack of information from Blizzard, leading many pros to quit teams, and with teams failing to get spots in the league, either due to cost or being outbid. Major teams like Fnatic, faze, NiP and dignitas all dropping their rosters shouldn't be happening, but if they're failing to win spots for the league then there's no point in keeping the team. Currently there's just EnvyUs, Rogue, Eunited, Liquid, C9, NRG (technically), misfits, immortals, toronto, renegades and LG evil left in the west for "major" teams, yet only 3 of them have spots in the league currently.
  19. As a fellow Lucio main (one trick in my case) I'd say the PTR is a good place, due to the lack of effect on your mmr, but it's not always available if there isn't any new changes to be tested, in which case quick play is the best place, treat it like you'd be playing competitive, so try harding, and you'll quickly learn new heroes. I recommend playing with a couple friends if possible, as that's what I've done when one of my friends started to learn heroes other than soldier 76. Being a Lucio, I would dive in with them when they learnt Winston, and when they learnt tracer I would be able
  20. So I got a google home from the "prime day" sales by currys, and since then I've added a chromecast enabled speaker, smart plug and soon another smartlight to go with the one I already have, all joining my gen 1 chromecast. I'm definitely not getting into smart home automation at all...

  21. Whilst it's not an amazon deal, Currys in the UK is having their own sale to rival prime day, and they have Google home down to £99 at the minute http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/smart-tech/smart-tech/smart-home/google-home-hands-free-smart-speaker-white-10161441-pdt.html?intcmp=home~google-home~price~dl-9~fourth~sale~pr~-~280617 as well as quite a lot of other tech deals
  22. Seriously considering buying a 1TB SSD to replace my 250GB MX100 and 1TB WD blue. Is it worth it?

    I'd use the MX100 as a recording disc for OBS, to later be offloaded to my external drive, and the WD blue would be plugged into an external casing and re-purposed as a network drive for my parents

    1. Technomancer__


      if your computer supports it you can get 2 500gb and raid them so you can also get faster speeds

    2. Thorium19


      I could do that, and I was considering it with the prime day deal on the sandisk 500gb dives, but whilst I'd do RAID 0 if I had stable electricity, whilst I'm living at my parents they're prone to powercuts occasionally, which could possibly result in a corrupt RAID array. I could always invest in a UPS as well to be honest

    3. Technomancer__


      yea get a ups and 2 500gb ssds

  23. Currently using Gateron clears, after usng MX blues for nearly 2 years. Totally different feeling between the two, I love the gaterons for gaming, but typing out essays and code on the mx blues is a lot more satisfying. I voted for gaterons because that's what I use every day, and likely will for the forseeable future, but MX blues are certainly a top switch type to me.
  24. Damn, if only I didn't still have a year of my degree left I'd apply for this, also the fact I'd need better javascript skills, which isn't my forte...
  25. I'd look for a used GT-R R35, it's my dream car and they're dropping in price fairly rapidly at the moment, so hopefully by the time i can afford to drop 50k on a car, i can pick up a 2017 spec model, on software developers money as well.