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  1. the cpu/mobo market feels really similar to around the time I got my i7 4790k & z87 board. New stuff right on the horizon, but just far enough off that it's inconvenient to keep waiting. Probably going to order the x570 i aorus and a 3700x this month, unless we get some b550 boards revealed for preorder before the end of the month.

  2. I'm really liking my monochrome photos lately, and this has just a hint of warmth to it that draws out the idea of the age of the bones. I might have gone for a slightly smaller apeture just to bring more of the horns into focus, but it's still amazing to see. took this on my pixel 2XL whilst out dog walking. I just saw a low hanging blossom and likes the contrast between the bright, warm blue sky and the soft pinks of the petals. ƒ/1.8, 1/1376, 4.459mm, ISO 57 I put the edited black and white version in the spoiler below as an extra, I uploaded that o
  3. here in the UK on three, I get unlimited data, calls and texts for £20 a month on a 12 month rolling sim only contract. That also includes their roaming package that lets me use my data abroad in something like 50+ countries for no extra charge.
  4. This build was actually really fun to see come together from an engineering standpoint, I'd love to see LTT try their hand at more game themed custom PCs, maybe something for cyberpunk 2077? I'm not going to make a comment on the controversy other than pewdiepies humour is satirical and should be taken with a pinch of salt. If people can't take things as a joke like "coronachan" then they might want to avoid ever watching any comedy by Frankie Boyle, as that's far far worse.
  5. Been and picked up the PSU, cooler and some fans for the new build and the case is on its way, hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow. I probably won't be buying anything more than an M.2 SSD from now until summer, because ryzen 3 should have a more solid release date by then. I will however be looking to do some basic modding, maybe an acrylic plate to mount my sata ssds on, an LED strip and some plastidip/plastikote to give the case a more personal feel.

  6. At least by me, 2nd hand dysons from a proper repair/second hand hoover shop are well worth it, I've taken our dyson to be repaired a couple times, things like the brushes wearing out, and they've lasted a damn long time with decent maintenance, far more than most other brands I've experience with.
  7. I mean, DDR3 is still performing exceptionally well. DDR4 until ryzen with infinity fabric didn't see any discernbable gaming improvements over DDR3, and I expect we will see something similar with DDR5, with there being no noticeable improvements besides a slight efficiency gain, so getting DDR4 now would still be a worthwhile venture, if you're building a rig in the next like 18 months or so I'll guess.
  8. it's made me consider purchasing an SSD or RAM earlier for my new build, I was going to put off buying them until after easter, but I might pull the trigger earlier, more due to the likelihood of new phone flagships pulling resources for nand than because of coronavirus though, as well as the new console production ramping up.
  9. I used to change every 18 months, my Z3 because it broke, and my S7 because it slowed to a crawl, but I've had my Pixel 2 XL for nearly 2 years now and I've no reason to upgrade it yet, so I'm hoping to hit the 3 year mark with it, so long as it continues to get security updates from google.
  10. Don't have a picture to hand, but I currently drive a 2012 ford KA zetec. cos I'm only driving to university and back really, it's perfect for city driving, but once I finally graduate I'm going to need something a bit sturdier to take on motorway traffic most days, so I'm looking at the mini paceman, VW scirocco and Alfa Romeo Giulietta at the minute. Sadly the Honda CRZ is a bit too pricey on insurance, otherwise I'd quite like one of those, or an old audi TT.
  11. at this point I don't think it makes a difference if you get huawei or not, they're all as bad as each other and if it's taken until now to decide to take action against them, then it's too late. I have a huawei watch 2 sport anyway, got it last year to replace my old and broken pebble 2 (may it rest in peace, the best smartwatch brand ever) and it's been good enough for me. Some issues, but they're more with wear OS than huawei, as 2 days battery life is fine. I wouldn't get a huawei phone though, and that's because I personally just don't think their SoCs are as good as what samsun
  12. the sony PS4 adapter was a massive waste of money for me, it barely worked wirelessly, and when it did the bluetooth built in to my board was miles better. I just use my PS4 controller wired in using DS4Windows and that's a far better method. I also regret getting the G903. I loved the wireless, but the double click issues were awful, I even got a replacement and that's got issues with the right click not making a solid connection with the switch, so I get pulled out of scope whenever I'm sniping. Getting the glorious model O was a far better buy, at a third of the price, even if it is wi
  13. So I've been all set on getting the lian li tu150 for the new rig, but seeing the NZXT H1 being released has made me look at some more cases, and now both the H1 and the Phanteks evolv shift are seeming very tempting for an alternative build style and I'm unsure which to go for

    1. Thorium19


      I haven't actually looked at any shift builds, what don't you like about them?

      True about the H1, it'd be really useful as a standalone build, I'd want to use a low profile noctua cooler on it personally

    2. TVwazhere


      What's your planned build? Currently the TU150 offers more cooling options and a bit more flexibility in GPU sizing, but the H1 is smaller both in overall volume and desk footprint.

    3. Thorium19


      I'm looking at the r7 3700x, either the b450i strix or aorus x570i motherboard and carrying over my evga gtx 1070. I'll probably go for the TU150, just because I'd rather have air cooling than an AIO these days.

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  14. I used to use revo as well, it was really good for picking up extra files, but since I did a refresh on my PC about 18 months ago, I haven't bothered to use anything other than windows uninstaller, as it's mainly just steam games I'll probably redownload later on anyway.
  15. working on names for my new build, as well as finalising the main parts list currently.

    Hopefully AMD will release ryzen 4000 series before I get round to ordering the cpu, but I'll be going with the R7 3700X otherwise.

    I also might do some small modding on the case, just some plastikote or something similar, and maybe etch the window.

    Name ideas so far are space themed, given Branwen is bird based and thus airbound, this new build should cruise beyond that and into the distance (especially as it's going to be in a portable case). I'll do another status update with a list of name ideas, to see if people find any of them good

  16. I like the sound of LMDh, it'll definitely bring greater unity to the chaotic endurance series, but seeing the hypercars fade will be a shame after the development aston, toyota and the likes have done. Le Mans when I last went was pretty boring in the LMP categories, as toyota just ran away with LMP1 and LMP2 was a largely generic challenge. the GT classes were far more fascinating, between the Porches, Corvettes and a rather smooth BMW M8 GTE. I was hoping the hypercar class would make the front end more like the GT class, but alas it seems we'll be doomed to nothing more than some flashy sh
  17. well that's a pain in the arse, I was hoping to go to Le Mans again in a couple years time and see these things racing, now I guess it'll just be back to the toyota victory parade again.
  18. There's a flyer on a street light near mine that is a stereotypical tin foil hat "5G is bad" flyer. Everything it outlines on it has been proven false already, I just wish I could find the nutter who stuck it up and see whether they live in a faraday cage and have no electronics in their home.
  19. Wait what? I must have missed that, will that mean they aren't entering le mans with the Valkyrie next year?
  20. I can see it clearer in this method than what Linus and Luke were discussing, but I still don't like it one bit. I'm gonna carry on owning my cars, no chance I'm renting something that someone else may have used without it being properly valeted before it gets back to me, and even then I wouldn't feel comfortable. I know what some of my co-workers and friends vehicles are like and I would shudder at the thought of having to borrow their cars now, let alone if I was paying for the privilege.
  21. if it's gamma radiation it's eating, then it's just part of the electromagnetic spectrum, same as light. The fungi has evolved to feed on gamma rays instead of visible light, due to the conditions and it being the stronger source of radiation. I'm not really too surprised, but it is pretty interesting to see. Makes me wonder how quickly it evolved to feed off radiation and has it just not been noticed until now, or is it a pretty new evolution.
  22. it's a pretty interesting test this, although because it asks a broad range of questions it just results in a generic value, whilst to me it would be more interesting if the questions were categorised in results based upon the type of activity/task etc. so it could give a score for some mroe specified areas of life - eg. Sports, hobbies, relaxation, work.
  23. If OFCOM can just remove Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan from social media, I think that'd be enough. In all seriousness, whilst people are calling this a nanny state move, and to a degree it is, it has been a long time coming. I don't mind the idea of an independent regulator monitoring social media websites to make sure they are properly complying with the law, along with their users, as it always seems social media companies are poor at acting on false news, advertisements and the spread of far wing terroris-like groups This should be seen as a kick up the arse for so
  24. okay, this is kinda cool, and I assume they did thorough testing with effectively placebos, but it's difficult to imagine this being effective in anything more than confined environments. Would probably need a bug carrier like the one Dr Yee uses in brooklyn 99.