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  1. that time I was reincarnated as a slime is on crunchyroll and is a top quality "died and went to another world" anime (isekai is the genre name)

    Attack on titan is a good shout. I personally am not a fan of it, but it's one of the most popular shows for a reason. It's also on crunchyroll, but the first season is available on netflix

    If you like going down the lore rabbit hole, try watching Fate Zero, which is on netflix. F0 is IMO the best intro to the fate anime franchise, afterwards you can watch fate stay night unlimited bladeworks and the fate stay night movies. But avoid the original fate stay night that came out in 2006 IMO, it's not very good.

    Fate will take you down a path you'll never recover from, if you decide to delve into the lore. Gigguk did a really entertaining video on just how confusing the lore is, which is well worth a watch. 


  2. My recommendations come from getting other friends interested in anime, some ofthese have alreasdy been mentioned but warrant another comment.


    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - it's an action packed, kinda wacky, but also emotional rollercoaster of a show. It's only 27 episodes, and besides 1 episode has some of the best animation of its year IMO. It's a mecha, but not like your gundam mecha shows which are super serious, the mechas have a personality linked to each character. Yes there's definitely fanservice, but it's actually done in a really entertaining way (beach episode anyone?) and it's a bright, colourful show, with gainax tropes at its peak. It was my first "proper" anime, and the one I like to use to introduce people, because it's not edgy in any real way, and has some real curveballs in it. Each of the main characters is distinct, and most characters have immediately recogniseable silouhettes. There's also some really hard hitting quotes from the show that carry weight and significance in the real world for helping you as a person improve.


    Lupin the third - A classic show, the more recent series, part 4 and part 5, are really well animated, but I think it's worth first learning who each of the characters are, then watching the movie, the castle of cagliostro. You can go back and watch lupin from the beginning, but it's a very different art style to today, which might not be as enjoyable.


    My hero academia - If you like superhero stuff, this is a must. Imagine 80% of people have some form of power, it can be strong or weak, who knows. Because of this, there are inherantly superpowered criminals, so ther must be superpowered heroes, registered with the government, to help prevent crime. There's high schools built to help train the next generation of superheroes, and our main character wants to go to the most prestigious of them all. There's jsut one flaw - he doesn't have any powers.

    worth a watch if you want to see character development over a number of seasons, it's still running too, with the most recent series finished couple months back.


    MEGALOBOX - it's a modern show, where the art style has been done to look like a 90s anime, and it pulls it off well. If you like a gritty story about an underdog rising up the ranks against all odds, then this is definitely the show for you. It's only short, about 13 episodes, but in those 13 episodes you get attached to the story of this dystopian future, where boxing with mechanical equipment on your arms is the main sporting attraction.

  3. 1 minute ago, TofuHaroto said:

    Yea but Pascal FE shrouds look good 

    This looks like Fermi shrouds but worse 

    oh god, those fermi shrouds 🤮 

    These designs look off, because that's the top of the card on the bottom cooler, where the backplate is, yet the fan is visible, which would indicate a really short PCB for the top end card, which will be encouraging for really small form factor people. It also looks horrific having a fan visible from the backplate, way too much of a flashback for my liking. Guess it'll be up to the AIB partners to make good looking cards this time round.

  4. 9 hours ago, BlueChinchillaEatingDorito said:

    You mean there are instances where companies don't cover shipping and the cost of the replacement unit during a recall? 🤔 

    pretty sure some companies will still expect you to pay shipping for the return product, but they'll replace it for free. You've got to be a company that really hates loyalty in your customers if you don't offer free shipping though.

  5. just an alternative, but if the wood is thick enough, you could drill some wide holes in the top of it, then glue some glass spacers? (not sure on the exact name) on the underside of the glass. These will slot into the holes drilled and hold the glass in place. It'll make the glass easier to remove in case you need to move the table or do something beneath the glass.

  6. 3 hours ago, yaboistar said:

    i passed first try, but had enough "minors" that i nearly didn't

    literally the same, I got 12 minors, 15 was the cut off point for failing.

    I did receive multiple minors for driving slower than the speed limit down a road with a primary school on it, and with speed bumps, and for not breaking the speed limit to catch up to a car in front, which meant an impatient sod behind me overtook me. Basically my examiner was an arse who didn't like the fact I was cautious, and got pissed off when I gave reasonable answers when he questioned me over it.


    Sometimes you just get bad examiners, sometimes circumstances are tricky when driving, you just have to accept it, learn from what went wrong and work to improve on it.


    I believed I'd failed about 5 minutes in, because I stalled the car at a junction at the top of a steep climb. Fortunately I recovered it pretty well, but I spent the majority of the test thinking I'd already failed and it actually helped me relax and drive smoother. So don't let yourself be too anxious about it. You can always try again, failing isn't the end of the world, and often it's said those who fail first time become better drivers because of it - it's not like insurers care how many times you take the test, everyone is the same to them.

  7. 38 minutes ago, Aereldor said:

    I've had the misfortune of having 'killer' cards ship in laptops I've bought for myself and my family... And always swap them out for an equivalent or better Intel chip. Good that I won't have to deal with Killer Wireless anymore

    I have a killer nic on my current motherboard, and if I installed their network suite then it just ruined my home network for anything but my PC, and finding their basic driver package at the time was mad, it was buried deep in their website. So glad my new PC will have an intel nic & wifi, good ridance killer and their awful marketing products.

  8. 28 minutes ago, Dravinian said:

    I have a z97 board (ranger Vii) my larger concern is temps.  Running an air cooler Dark Rock 4 (not pro).


    At 4.5 with stock voltage (whatever that is - i didn't change it) I tend to see it peaking at 70c with the fan at 100%. Fan curve set to ramp up at around 68c in AI Suite 3.


    Is there any headroom for pushing it a bit further without upgrading the cooler?

    I think that's probably a voltage tweak that will help, not by a huge amount but to some degree. Stock voltages always run higher than necessary. For example, I got my 4790k to 4.7Ghz at auto (stock) voltages and I think it was hitting 1.37v to 1.4v, possibly even higher, which was pushing my temps up to 85C+ on a H80i v2.


    at 4.6Ghz, 1.26v and with a custom curve in corsair link to realistically max out at 60-65% fan speed, I get spikes up to 80C, but the temps mainly sit at 75C under load. 


    I'd look at what your current voltages are at stock, then try and tune those down until it starts to become unstable under load, then add voltage back on to a level that was stable.


    Also, 70C is quite cool, you could easily afford to be more lenitent on your fan curve if noise is an issue, these chips can run quite hot, being in the mid 70s to mid 80s isn't a problem for them.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Ic3d said:

    its sitting at 1.3 dead right now, the motherboard is an Asrock H81M-G, it was released after the H81 overclocking unlock and its pretty much only redeeming feature is beefy power delivery and caps

    I definitely wouldn't be pushing it any further than 4.6 for now. It's a H81 board, and only a 4 phase power delivery, that's not going to provide a great delivery for pushing the 4790K.

    If you can get a z87/97 board on ebay/craigslist etc. for a reasonable price, I reckon you could get those voltages down a bit further, maybe 1.28v for 4.6

  10. I raise you Zuko from A:TLA.

    He went from a shamed prince who permanently lived in his sisters shadow, to losing everything he previously held dear, then regaining it all just to realise that what he had wanted his whole time in exile wasn't what made him feel right, so he flees, joins the very people he hunted down, and finally finds it in him to cast off the shadow of his sister and beat his demons. Subsequently becoming close friends with those he once hated and helping bring about a new age of peace and prosperity.

    (shoutout to Unlce Iroh for being the critical factor for character development)

  11. On 4/19/2020 at 12:15 PM, Radium_Angel said:

    - snip -

    I'm really liking my monochrome photos lately, and this has just a hint of warmth to it that draws out the idea of the age of the bones. I might have gone for a slightly smaller apeture just to bring more of the horns into focus, but it's still amazing to see.




    took this on my pixel 2XL whilst out dog walking. I just saw a low hanging blossom and likes the contrast between the bright, warm blue sky and the soft pinks of the petals.

    ƒ/1.8, 1/1376, 4.459mm, ISO 57


    I put the edited black and white version in the spoiler below as an extra, I uploaded that one to my instagram as I've been doing a B&W theme of photos recently, but it feels a little too busy in the background for B&W.




  12. This build was actually really fun to see come together from an engineering standpoint, I'd love to see LTT try their hand at more game themed custom PCs, maybe something for cyberpunk 2077? 👀


    I'm not going to make a comment on the controversy other than pewdiepies humour is satirical and should be taken with a pinch of salt. If people can't take things as a joke like "coronachan" then they might want to avoid ever watching any comedy by Frankie Boyle, as that's far far worse.

  13. At least by me, 2nd hand dysons from a proper repair/second hand hoover shop are well worth it, I've taken our dyson to be repaired a couple times, things like the brushes wearing out, and they've lasted a damn long time with decent maintenance, far more than most other brands I've experience with.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Bombastinator said:

    You make a point.  Perhaps.  The only thing I KNOW I’m going to need is ram so there’s an argument for me to buy some fast ddr4 while it’s still available even though I have nothing to put it into and it would just sit there.  Even that is a bet though.  Technology systems continue to advance.  This situation hasn’t stopped or even slowed technical development.  If it goes on a realllly long time we might see ddr5.  That’s pretty close too.  If that happens ddr4 would be useless.  So I’m torn.

    I mean, DDR3 is still performing exceptionally well. DDR4 until ryzen with infinity fabric didn't see any discernbable gaming improvements over DDR3, and I expect we will see something similar with DDR5, with there being no noticeable improvements besides a slight efficiency gain, so getting DDR4 now would still be a worthwhile venture, if you're building a rig in the next like 18 months or so I'll guess.

  15. it's made me consider purchasing an SSD or RAM earlier for my new build, I was going to put off buying them until after easter, but I might pull the trigger earlier, more due to the likelihood of new phone flagships pulling resources for nand than because of coronavirus though, as well as the new console production ramping up.

  16. I used to change every 18 months, my Z3 because it broke, and my S7 because it slowed to a crawl, but I've had my Pixel 2 XL for nearly 2 years now and I've no reason to upgrade it yet, so I'm hoping to hit the 3 year mark with it, so long as it continues to get security updates from google.

  17. Don't have a picture to hand, but I currently drive a 2012 ford KA zetec. cos I'm only driving to university and back really, it's perfect for city driving, but once I finally graduate I'm going to need something a bit sturdier to take on motorway traffic most days, so I'm looking at the mini paceman, VW scirocco and Alfa Romeo Giulietta at the minute. Sadly the Honda CRZ is a bit too pricey on insurance, otherwise I'd quite like one of those, or an old audi TT.

  18. at this point I don't think it makes a difference if you get huawei or not, they're all as bad as each other and if it's taken until now to decide to take action against them, then it's too late.

    I have a huawei watch 2 sport anyway, got it last year to replace my old and broken pebble 2 (may it rest in peace, the best smartwatch brand ever) and it's been good enough for me. Some issues, but they're more with wear OS than huawei, as 2 days battery life is fine.

    I wouldn't get a huawei phone though, and that's because I personally just don't think their SoCs are as good as what samsung and qualcomm can consistently put out, and I'm not sure how good their software support is, it's why I moved to pixel phones and plan on using them for the foreseeable future.

  19. the sony PS4 adapter was a massive waste of money for me, it barely worked wirelessly, and when it did the bluetooth built in to my board was miles better. I just use my PS4 controller wired in using DS4Windows and that's a far better method.

    I also regret getting the G903. I loved the wireless, but the double click issues were awful, I even got a replacement and that's got issues with the right click not making a solid connection with the switch, so I get pulled out of scope whenever I'm sniping. Getting the glorious model O was a far better buy, at a third of the price, even if it is wired. Guess I can always do the G305 mod if I ever want it to be wireless. In the meantime, I'm going to buy some new switches and attempt to repair one of the G903s with higher quality switches and see if that makes it better.