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Status Updates posted by Thorium19

  1. undervolted my GPU to 891mV @ 1961Mhz core, 4061Mhz on the memory, and I've applied fresh thermal paste on it as well. now I'm maxing out at about 60C or so, which is a lot better than the 83C I was seeing after I moved it into the new PC.

  2. built my new PC. Say hello to Netrunner 




    Thought I'd add in a size comparison between Branwen and Netrunner too



    Gonna take some more glam photos soon, once I get everything set up how I like it



  3. Shipped my SF600, it's going back to scan. Hopefully it'll be a quick enough turnaround that I'll have a replacement within the week

  4. anyone ever dealt with corsair RMA? especially in the UK/EU. I'm wondering how long it'll take to get my SF600 replaced because of the recall

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. DildorTheDecent


      Mine was shipped on 2nd June and got it on the 4th or 5th I think.


      So within the next couple of days anyway.

    3. Thorium19


      good to hear, I sent my ticket in on thursday, so hopefully this week it'll be sorted

  5. I'm working out what to do with my old rig. I want to run a private minecraft server on it, at least for a bit. It'd be vanilla, just with some vanillatweaks datapacks, so that'll make it less resource intensive than a fully modded server.

    But a steam cache would also be nice eventually once I get a few large hard drives, as I don't want to fill my single ssd on the new pc or cause the home internet to be useless for everyone else.

    I'd also like to turn it into a console replacement for my dad, as he uses a PS4 but isn't keen on shelling out for a PS5 when it comes out until it's had time to mature & good offers are on it. I reckon he'll only play fifa, project cars 2, F1 and rocket league, so a GTX 770 should be fine for that on a 720p TV.

    Man, working out what to do with an older, but totally functional PC is tricky.

  6. first parts have arrived, hopefully I'll have everything within the next month, then we can get down to building. Also found out I can get a free copy of windows from uni, so that'll be a nice parting gift from them.

  7. Ordered the final 4 parts for the new rig. Went with the 3700X, Aorus X570i, 32GB crucial 3600Mhz and a sabrent rocket 4.0 1TB. I know the SSD is a bit overkill, but I won't need any other drives as I only need about 700GB with all the files on my current PC, and I might as well make use of pcie 4.0 if the board supports it.

  8. I've been trying to justify getting a 3700X over a 3600 for the past couple weeks, but now I've started doing proper video editing and building up towards streaming more consistently, I think the 3700X is justified at this point.

    1. SeriouslyMikey


      Same for me, but for different reasons. I've brought my next build down significantly to a lower price, so I could add it in and just suck up saving for a bit longer.

    2. Thorium19


      Mine's kinda been sat at the same price the whole time, as I've been factoring in x570 for upgrading to the 3900X replacement in 12-18 months time. Whatever I get, I'll probably sell to one of my friends later on down the road anyway

  9. Got my i7 4790k to 4.6Ghz @ 1.26v. Might try pushing it to 4.7Ghz if I can keep it below 1.3v. Temps are behaving themselves so far, staying at roughly 70C in games.

  10. the cpu/mobo market feels really similar to around the time I got my i7 4790k & z87 board. New stuff right on the horizon, but just far enough off that it's inconvenient to keep waiting. Probably going to order the x570 i aorus and a 3700x this month, unless we get some b550 boards revealed for preorder before the end of the month.

  11. Been and picked up the PSU, cooler and some fans for the new build and the case is on its way, hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow. I probably won't be buying anything more than an M.2 SSD from now until summer, because ryzen 3 should have a more solid release date by then. I will however be looking to do some basic modding, maybe an acrylic plate to mount my sata ssds on, an LED strip and some plastidip/plastikote to give the case a more personal feel.

  12. So I've been all set on getting the lian li tu150 for the new rig, but seeing the NZXT H1 being released has made me look at some more cases, and now both the H1 and the Phanteks evolv shift are seeming very tempting for an alternative build style and I'm unsure which to go for

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thorium19


      I haven't actually looked at any shift builds, what don't you like about them?

      True about the H1, it'd be really useful as a standalone build, I'd want to use a low profile noctua cooler on it personally

    3. TVwazhere


      What's your planned build? Currently the TU150 offers more cooling options and a bit more flexibility in GPU sizing, but the H1 is smaller both in overall volume and desk footprint.

    4. Thorium19


      I'm looking at the r7 3700x, either the b450i strix or aorus x570i motherboard and carrying over my evga gtx 1070. I'll probably go for the TU150, just because I'd rather have air cooling than an AIO these days.

  13. working on names for my new build, as well as finalising the main parts list currently.

    Hopefully AMD will release ryzen 4000 series before I get round to ordering the cpu, but I'll be going with the R7 3700X otherwise.

    I also might do some small modding on the case, just some plastikote or something similar, and maybe etch the window.

    Name ideas so far are space themed, given Branwen is bird based and thus airbound, this new build should cruise beyond that and into the distance (especially as it's going to be in a portable case). I'll do another status update with a list of name ideas, to see if people find any of them good

  14. I'm finally looking to do a major system upgrade this coming summer, all but the storage and gpu will be moving on. I'm considering going itx with the lian li tu150, that case looks so good and is super practical. Will also be a ryzen build, now I just need to decide on R7 or R9 ?

  15. Don't you just hate it when your ISP decides to give you a third of the speeds you pay for. Tried streaming some Overwatch and had tons of dropped frames, near 50%. I go on speedtest and discover the upload speed is 3.1 Mb/s, when we should be getting 9Mb/s. lovely.

    1. CircleTech


      How recently did this happen? Sometimes with my ISP Comcast I notice slowdowns especially during bust times of the day.

    2. Thorium19


      To be honest, the upload speed drop is only in the last week, but the download speeds have been at best half of advertised for the last few months, at all times of the day, even 4 in the morning. It's with sky in the UK though, so they can actually get away with it so long as some of their customers achieve the advertised speeds.

      If the upload speeds aren't back to where they are meant to be by tomorrow, I'll be giving them a call to sort it out however.

  16. Finally upgraded to fully SSD storage with a 1TB MX300. Noticably quicker loading games and other programs, and I have a new chair arriving tonight, finally I'll be able to game in comfort.

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      Full SSD master race!


      Can't remember the last time I had to defrag or deal with stupid hard drive clutter since I've had SSDs only in laptops for 3 years now and an all-SSD desktop for over a year.

  17. So I'm scrapping the 1TB SSD plan, going to get a 144Hz monitor instead. Considering the BenQ Zowie XL2430, although the Acer Predator XB241Hbmipr is a real temptation due to being G-sync. Time to start flipping coins and watching prices.

  18. So I got a google home from the "prime day" sales by currys, and since then I've added a chromecast enabled speaker, smart plug and soon another smartlight to go with the one I already have, all joining my gen 1 chromecast. I'm definitely not getting into smart home automation at all...

  19. Seriously considering buying a 1TB SSD to replace my 250GB MX100 and 1TB WD blue. Is it worth it?

    I'd use the MX100 as a recording disc for OBS, to later be offloaded to my external drive, and the WD blue would be plugged into an external casing and re-purposed as a network drive for my parents

    1. Technomancer__


      if your computer supports it you can get 2 500gb and raid them so you can also get faster speeds

    2. Thorium19


      I could do that, and I was considering it with the prime day deal on the sandisk 500gb dives, but whilst I'd do RAID 0 if I had stable electricity, whilst I'm living at my parents they're prone to powercuts occasionally, which could possibly result in a corrupt RAID array. I could always invest in a UPS as well to be honest

    3. Technomancer__


      yea get a ups and 2 500gb ssds

  20. Upgraded my CPU cooler, picked up the corsair H80i V2 in the black friday sales, just installed it now, not exactly quieter, but definitely cooler temps and better looking to boot. It was an absolute pain in the proverbial arse to install mind you, due to how stiff the cabling is and the rotated motherboard of my case resulting in the rear fan being near impossible to keep in place.

  21. 2016 has been a really bad year, it's like everyone is trying to one up each other on how badly they can screw up. Is it too early to have new year?

    1. spwath


      At least in 7 days there's something good coming that based on your profile pic you will enjoy.

    2. Thorium19


      well as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, just a shame it's barely enough to keep spirits up

    3. spwath


      At least you don't have to live in the USA.... Who knows what will happen to me in the next 4 (or less...) Years.

  22. Witness me! Witness me all shiny and chrome!

    So the 1070 AC is here, it's installed and it's bloody brilliant, over twice as fast than the old 770 and it looks stunning. I'm going to work on a review for it, but I might wait until I get a new monitor so I can test it at higher resolutions properly.

  23. the 1070 is out for delivery finally! Now I need a 1440p monitor and I can truly appreciate the glory of this day!

  24. Whilst I'm waiting for amazon to send out my GTX 1070, I've started to consider buying a Mac Pro G5 case and modding it to fit my rig. There's a number that are cheap on ebay, with a few scuffs and scrapes, nothing that can't be fixed. Plus, Lian Li make motherboard trays hat I could be used. There's only one problem in this endeavour. I'm shit at DIY!

  25. Ordering a 1070 SC, although amazon have a backlog of orders so it's going to be a bit before I get it.