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  1. First status update in a while, I managed to snag a founders edition 3080 and wedge it into my TU 150. I have to undervolt it because that thing reaches 85C in minecraft RTX, which I was using to stress it. It's currently stable with 0.825mV at 1860Mhz. There might be more head room in there, but it's stable, and with the addition of 2 more fans beneath it, it's sitting at a cool 65C in most games with a relatively aggressive custom fan curve which runs about 55% at 65C. It's definitely louder than my 1070, but it's also smooth at 60+ fps in cyberpunk 1440p maxed out settings.

  2. 60-65% is my preferred size. Right now I have a magicforce 68, but I'm starting building a 60% using the HS60 PCB. I just wish that you could get slightly taller than 60% boards with the F row added, but no others. As said above, QMK or VIA is a must for the firmware, as it gives so much more flexibility to what keys people have set up.
  3. that time I was reincarnated as a slime is on crunchyroll and is a top quality "died and went to another world" anime (isekai is the genre name) Attack on titan is a good shout. I personally am not a fan of it, but it's one of the most popular shows for a reason. It's also on crunchyroll, but the first season is available on netflix If you like going down the lore rabbit hole, try watching Fate Zero, which is on netflix. F0 is IMO the best intro to the fate anime franchise, afterwards you can watch fate stay night unlimited bladeworks and the fate stay night movies. But avoid the ori
  4. undervolted my GPU to 891mV @ 1961Mhz core, 4061Mhz on the memory, and I've applied fresh thermal paste on it as well. now I'm maxing out at about 60C or so, which is a lot better than the 83C I was seeing after I moved it into the new PC.

  5. built my new PC. Say hello to Netrunner 




    Thought I'd add in a size comparison between Branwen and Netrunner too



    Gonna take some more glam photos soon, once I get everything set up how I like it



  6. would the Tai Hao Sakura Michi keycaps be close enough? You can get the full set of them from mechmarket.eu and kprepublic, with ISO keys.
  7. Shipped my SF600, it's going back to scan. Hopefully it'll be a quick enough turnaround that I'll have a replacement within the week

  8. I'd look at HTPC cases they seem to fit the style you're looking for. Silverstone do some, the GD07, GD08, GD01 and GD10. they might be an option.
  9. anyone ever dealt with corsair RMA? especially in the UK/EU. I'm wondering how long it'll take to get my SF600 replaced because of the recall

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. DildorTheDecent


      Mine was shipped on 2nd June and got it on the 4th or 5th I think.


      So within the next couple of days anyway.

    3. Thorium19


      good to hear, I sent my ticket in on thursday, so hopefully this week it'll be sorted

  10. My recommendations come from getting other friends interested in anime, some ofthese have alreasdy been mentioned but warrant another comment. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - it's an action packed, kinda wacky, but also emotional rollercoaster of a show. It's only 27 episodes, and besides 1 episode has some of the best animation of its year IMO. It's a mecha, but not like your gundam mecha shows which are super serious, the mechas have a personality linked to each character. Yes there's definitely fanservice, but it's actually done in a really entertaining way (beach episode anyone?)
  11. oh god, those fermi shrouds These designs look off, because that's the top of the card on the bottom cooler, where the backplate is, yet the fan is visible, which would indicate a really short PCB for the top end card, which will be encouraging for really small form factor people. It also looks horrific having a fan visible from the backplate, way too much of a flashback for my liking. Guess it'll be up to the AIB partners to make good looking cards this time round.
  12. pretty sure some companies will still expect you to pay shipping for the return product, but they'll replace it for free. You've got to be a company that really hates loyalty in your customers if you don't offer free shipping though.
  13. Oh boy, I checked mine and it's right in the recall group. Fortunately I've not used it yet, as I'm waiting on completing my build until I've finished with uni work, but I really don't want to be sat around waiting on replacing a PSU when everything else is ready. Guess I just have to hope corsair support can be quick in the UK
  14. just an alternative, but if the wood is thick enough, you could drill some wide holes in the top of it, then glue some glass spacers? (not sure on the exact name) on the underside of the glass. These will slot into the holes drilled and hold the glass in place. It'll make the glass easier to remove in case you need to move the table or do something beneath the glass.
  15. I'm working out what to do with my old rig. I want to run a private minecraft server on it, at least for a bit. It'd be vanilla, just with some vanillatweaks datapacks, so that'll make it less resource intensive than a fully modded server.

    But a steam cache would also be nice eventually once I get a few large hard drives, as I don't want to fill my single ssd on the new pc or cause the home internet to be useless for everyone else.

    I'd also like to turn it into a console replacement for my dad, as he uses a PS4 but isn't keen on shelling out for a PS5 when it comes out until it's had time to mature & good offers are on it. I reckon he'll only play fifa, project cars 2, F1 and rocket league, so a GTX 770 should be fine for that on a 720p TV.

    Man, working out what to do with an older, but totally functional PC is tricky.

  16. literally the same, I got 12 minors, 15 was the cut off point for failing. I did receive multiple minors for driving slower than the speed limit down a road with a primary school on it, and with speed bumps, and for not breaking the speed limit to catch up to a car in front, which meant an impatient sod behind me overtook me. Basically my examiner was an arse who didn't like the fact I was cautious, and got pissed off when I gave reasonable answers when he questioned me over it. Sometimes you just get bad examiners, sometimes circumstances are tricky when driving, you just hav
  17. I have a killer nic on my current motherboard, and if I installed their network suite then it just ruined my home network for anything but my PC, and finding their basic driver package at the time was mad, it was buried deep in their website. So glad my new PC will have an intel nic & wifi, good ridance killer and their awful marketing products.
  18. first parts have arrived, hopefully I'll have everything within the next month, then we can get down to building. Also found out I can get a free copy of windows from uni, so that'll be a nice parting gift from them.

  19. I think that's probably a voltage tweak that will help, not by a huge amount but to some degree. Stock voltages always run higher than necessary. For example, I got my 4790k to 4.7Ghz at auto (stock) voltages and I think it was hitting 1.37v to 1.4v, possibly even higher, which was pushing my temps up to 85C+ on a H80i v2. at 4.6Ghz, 1.26v and with a custom curve in corsair link to realistically max out at 60-65% fan speed, I get spikes up to 80C, but the temps mainly sit at 75C under load. I'd look at what your current voltages are at stock, then try and tune those do
  20. I definitely wouldn't be pushing it any further than 4.6 for now. It's a H81 board, and only a 4 phase power delivery, that's not going to provide a great delivery for pushing the 4790K. If you can get a z87/97 board on ebay/craigslist etc. for a reasonable price, I reckon you could get those voltages down a bit further, maybe 1.28v for 4.6
  21. Is that the stable voltage for those speeds? especially the 4.6 voltage, I've seen a few 4790Ks get that at around 1.25-1.27v, including my own at 1.26v. What motherboard are you running it on by the way?
  22. Ordered the final 4 parts for the new rig. Went with the 3700X, Aorus X570i, 32GB crucial 3600Mhz and a sabrent rocket 4.0 1TB. I know the SSD is a bit overkill, but I won't need any other drives as I only need about 700GB with all the files on my current PC, and I might as well make use of pcie 4.0 if the board supports it.

  23. I've been trying to justify getting a 3700X over a 3600 for the past couple weeks, but now I've started doing proper video editing and building up towards streaming more consistently, I think the 3700X is justified at this point.

    1. SeriouslyMikey


      Same for me, but for different reasons. I've brought my next build down significantly to a lower price, so I could add it in and just suck up saving for a bit longer.

    2. Thorium19


      Mine's kinda been sat at the same price the whole time, as I've been factoring in x570 for upgrading to the 3900X replacement in 12-18 months time. Whatever I get, I'll probably sell to one of my friends later on down the road anyway

  24. I raise you Zuko from A:TLA. He went from a shamed prince who permanently lived in his sisters shadow, to losing everything he previously held dear, then regaining it all just to realise that what he had wanted his whole time in exile wasn't what made him feel right, so he flees, joins the very people he hunted down, and finally finds it in him to cast off the shadow of his sister and beat his demons. Subsequently becoming close friends with those he once hated and helping bring about a new age of peace and prosperity. (shoutout to Unlce Iroh for being the critical factor for charact
  25. Got my i7 4790k to 4.6Ghz @ 1.26v. Might try pushing it to 4.7Ghz if I can keep it below 1.3v. Temps are behaving themselves so far, staying at roughly 70C in games.