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  1. yes I know but I am looking for dates and how many months it took, so we can compare the two situations
  2. I am just wondering if anyone have a precise idea about when exactly did the mining craze of 2017 started effecting pc hardware (mainly GPUs) and when did it end and prices and availability return to normal I know the current situation isnt exactly the same (becase of covid etc..) but I still want to know
  3. can you change tdp on intel 10th gen locked cpu with z490 motherboards? as in unlocking 10400/10700/10900 65watt to sustain all core turbo clocks indefinably ? also can i undervolte the cpu from bios to reduce heat (if needed since i will be running it in sff case) if yes does it apply to all motherboards brand or only some of them ? just want to be sure before buying as i didn't find clear answer online
  4. i currently have synology nas with 2X2 gb ecc udimm Single Rank (on the same channel) and single 8gb ecc udimm Single Rank on another channel (i think from my understanding that all of them at this time working on a single channel (is that right ?) so i want to add another 8gb ecc udimm in dual Rank to the mix will all work together on dual channel mode with diffrent capacity and number of ranks ? (all have same speed and cas latency) ?
  5. hi i always wonder if that is possible or not to connect a dx1215 to a jbod or raid array using an HBA card attached to a windows or any other system pc beside synology own products ? i ask because i no more need my second expansion unit and someone else want to build a server using his pc and the synology unit is quite nice and Quiet if he attached an hba card to his pc will it recognize the unit or not ? thanks
  6. i know that but i am frustrated at type of header and the 5gb speed (which will probably carry less amps to charge your phone fast)
  7. the problem is that they stated it will be 5gb header and as far as i know every type c front header is 10gb also i hate the usb3 header it always break on me and a lot of other people i hope you are right i just didnt know its proper name so thanks for that
  8. i am planning of buy X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 around blackfriedy but this motherboard has alot of strange choices in it design 1- no front type c on premium board in 2019! 2- thunderbolt 3 and m.2 both go through the chipset even though there is a detected nvme lanes in the cpu !!! (at least according to this photo https://images.anandtech.com/doci/14880/ASRock%20X570%20Phantom%20Gaming%20ITX%20TB3%20Block%20Diagram.JPG i can understand a single m.2 slots since there is thunderbolt 3 port (main selling point for me) but being both on the same x4 lanes i dont u
  9. as the title suggest i am looking for external usb adapter to convert internal wifi card to work via usb ?
  10. I plan to get x470 taichi ultimate and i want to know from where does the included 10gbe nic gets it bandwidth ? if I install add-in card in the last pcie x4 2.0 slot in the motherboard will it share it bandwidth with the 10gbe nic ? if not from where does the nic gets it bandwidth
  11. i like to have few suggestions to keep an eye on there prices during black friday sales will my integrated audio chipset (alc1150 supremefx) suffice ?
  12. I want to elevate my audio game a little and go with open back headphone coming from cloud 2 closed back Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee seems very popular and at a reasonable price so it a safe bet for me i mostly watch movies and tv shows, occasionally listen to music(many genres) and rarely play single player games i like flat clear sound and not much bass will the Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee work for me ? and what a good amp/dac to go with it for less than $100 (from massdrop or amazon) thanks
  13. i need two of them for add-in cards that are single slot each and dual slots gpu so there is a space for it