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    2x Samsung 860 EVO (500GB) (OS & Backup), 2x Q Series HDTS225XZSTA (256GB) ZIL & L2ARC mirrored, 6x WD40EFRX (4TB) in RaidZ2, 2x WD 10TB white label (Easystore shucks),
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  1. Thanks all. I was jus curious about that. I don't have any requirements for HA, my concern stems from I SUCK at Linux command line, so this is the preferred method to ensure that even with a failure I can still boot my machines, lol.
  2. I can speak from experience on this topic. I used to have my Minecraft servers running on a virtual machine on my NAS / Plex server. It had dual Xeons with lots of power, lots of RAM, but the clock speed wasn't great. I have since replaced it with a 1U Supermicro server running a cheap core-i3 (3.6 Ghz I believe), and 8 Gigs of RAM. I have 4x 120 Gig SSDs in RAID10 for the OS (this is WAAAAY overkill, only did it because I wanted to try it out, and i got a great deal on a purchase of 10 SSDs). I then run the game server off of a 250 Gig NVMe drive. It runs GREAT. For reference, this machine is
  3. I was able to get the game, but I do play often. I actually just set up a dedicated server (dedicated physical 1U server in my basement), but it is an un-official one for some buddies and myself. We haven't started on it yet, just getting it prepped to migrate off of a buddies paid server rental. Can you give more info about the issue you are having? What options do you have in the start script? Here is mine for example. I have to update it as I noticed that the FearEvolved is still showing active. vi server_start.sh /home/steam/ARK/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer
  4. Hey all, I have a 2u Supermicro which I use as my NAS and it has a virtual machine running Plex on it as well. It has been nearly rock solid for 5 years now. I did make a mistake and used an old OCZ Vertex 60 Gig SSD when I initially set it up. I had a pair in there planning to have a backup of the OS on the 2nd drive but it failed before that was ever done. That was a few years back. More recently I acquired a pair of 1u Supermicro servers which I use 1 for Minecraft servers and the other for an Ark Survival server. I just completed an install of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a 4 disk 120
  5. Hang on there a moment, you may want to re-address this. Some internet services that deliver fiber won't allow you to just convert it to Ethernet from fiber, you need to use their special box. Speaking from experience, I have 1 gig fiber from ATT. Also, that media converter which was linked is FAST Ethernet, which is 100 meg MAX. If you have 1 gig service, the MOST you will get using that device, if it works, is 100 meg.
  6. Personally, I will never use RAID 1 again. I used it thinking it was a means of backup, but it is only data redundancy. If you have a user error like I did, and you delete a file or folder from the drive, that is replicated to the other drive and the data is lost. I was fortunate and was able to recover most of my data the next morning. Then I changed my NAS setupt to JBOD at that point with an offline backup. Now I use RaidZ2 with 6 drives in a vdev for ~14TB usable (6x 4TB WD reds), and tossed two x WD Red white labels in as JBOD for extra space for the moment. I also still have
  7. Can you elaborate more on what this is for? It could be that the service itself hosting the server is having issues, be it congestion on their network links or server resource issues. As @beersykins noted it could also (very likely) be congestion at some peering point between providers which is common to those services you are reaching in the East. Have you tried contacting the provider of those servers to report your issues?
  8. Ok, so I am now posting this from the computer in question. This has been the most strange series of events. While looking for a CMOS battery, I decided to clear CMOS settings with the jumper. Now, at this point, the board would NOT start up. The only activity I would get would be trying to update the BIOS with the BIOS flashback button. Other than that, it appeared that the board was fully dead. Anyhow, I move the jumper from normal position to clear CMOS position and it shorts out, I hear a tick then get fans, and the motherboard display is running through codes. Strange. Then I
  9. Hello all!' I have an issue which arose following a week long vacation during which my PC was powered off with no power supplied to it. The power strip was unplugged while we were gone, and now it just won't power on. It has behaved strangely like this before following total power loss, but usually comes back alive after a few minutes. PSU is fine, Motherboard is the issue. To note, the system WAS properly shutdown before power was pulled. System shutdown, SPU switch flipped, wall plug pulled. ASUS Z87-Pro (V-Edition) Intel i5-4590 HyperX Fury 8G stick
  10. I am so jealous! If I may inquire, what is the total power draw on that 45 drive setup, and also, I saw from the thread you posted (2017) that you WERE running Raidz2. Is that still the case, and if so, how the heck are you only using 32 Gigs of memory? Maybe I am doing something wrong, but my 14 TB setup with Rz2 is using a bunch of memory, which I have 72 gigs of. (actually I just checked, and now it says there is only 60 Gigs, wtf, and 46 gigs in use.). I think I need to actually monitor my server...... I suck.
  11. Thank you, I appreciate the response, but I don't have a need for composite/RCA input, only HDMI. I know it sounds strange to have a VCR with HDMI out, but this one absolutely does and it works.
  12. Hello all!! I am looking for an HDMI capture device. Internal, external, don't care. I'd like it to be on the cheap end, the sole purpose is to digitize VHS home movies. After that, MAYBE I will toy with setting up a DVR on my computer with it; but doubtful. I DON'T stream, and DON'T plan to, so that doesn't matter to me, NOR do I need to capture game console gameplay or anything like that. I have some old home movies on VHS from over 25 years ago and I am wanting to digitize them. At this point, i need to shell out some cash to either FIX a DVD burner I have, and reco
  13. It make me really nervous to mess with it, since this is the sudoers file on the main host, issues could effect the NAS running on the host, and the media and game virtual machines. Might you know if there is a specific way to force the system to show me the differences in the modified file vs what is there now?
  14. Well.... while I will STILL have to fix this issue with the sudoers file, I DID manage to get the virtual machine up and running again, on a months old version. Back a few months I threw a 128 gig SSD into the server for this VM (for Minecraft server duties), and migrated from the RaidZ2 pool to that SSD. I copied the qcow2 file and xml file and never removed the old one. I just recopied the old back up, defined it, started it and it is working. All that is left THERE is to figure out how to move my back up file back to the server, extract the files and get them to the correct places. (I set u