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  1. So guys or gals. I am trying to buy a nice sound system of sorts for my fiance. I am wondering if a decent Sound Bar in the 200$ price range is the best choice ? or if there is some type of other audio setup I should get instead like some sort of surround sound setup ... again it would have to be in the 200$ range. The area our tv is in is the living room which is not super big but its an open area and there is 2 entrances into the kitchen from the living room. The TV is basically 5 feet from her though. and shes going to be basically right in front of a soundbar & sub woofer
  2. I was also thinking it could be due to using HDMI 2.0 on the moniter to use the PC currently for 4K I was thinking maybe a Display Port 1.4 cable would fix the issue maybe X_x
  3. The Graphics card is an AMD Radeon RX 480 everyone said it would be fine for 4K so far you are correct at 4K with HDR turned on it works fine except if I load a video that is also 4K with HDR in the video it has those stutters... but if I load a video with JUST 4K and no HDR it runs perfectly fine. I am not sure whats up with that.
  4. so Basically I would want two archer A6 ? one as the router on the upper floor and one in AP mode on the ground floor ? for now I can get one I can definitely get another to do that later on just can only afford one atm so buying another one later on isnt an issue ... just to ask what is AP mode ? Also thanks for your suggestion I will definitely go with the A6 then the smart TV is a 2016 Vizio D40-D1 dunno if it supports 5G or not dunno if Nintendo Switch supports 5G or not eighter I guess I would find out once I hook up the new modem lol.
  5. thanks for responding My budget is within the range of those 2 routers so about 80$ My modem resides beside My PC in the main bedroom upstairs tucked into the corner of the room. My Wired devices are all hooked up about 3 feet away from the modem. I am mainly looking to increase my wireless range for better connectivity to the downstairs Smart TV which is directly below the modem by 1 floor and to have a stronger signal to my Nintendo Switches for more reliable connectitvity as I do get disconnected randomly once in a while Also the technology upgrades are obviously goin
  6. Oh also for futher info my home is a three floor townhouse but really only need the net to work between upstairs and downstairs in the living room the only thing not in the same room as the router itself is the Smart TV which is down below me 1 floor. literally RIGHT underneath the router so instead of a wall I guess it needs to penetrate a floor to get down below.
  7. I am literally on a LINKSYS E1000 ... from I dunno 1990's ? LOL CLEARLY a bottleneck no matter what really ...especially for wifi strenght I would assume. I am looking for a new router that will help me and read up what I could about routers MU-MIMO or DUAL BAND / TRI BAND ETC ETC .... but still don't have an idea what truly would be best for me. So I would like to ask you much more educated gentlemen in this department for some help. I was looking at two routers https://www.amazon.ca/TP-Link-TL-WR940N-routeur-antennes-externes/dp/B07N1L5HX1/ref=sr_1_6?keywor
  8. Okay so the picture is pretty amazing on this monitor not gunna lie but im having two seperate issues with it. #1 when I full screen a video using google chrome for some reason this GREYISH i dunno what to call it exactly but the color darkens to this grey murkyness that doesnt go away unless I go up top to make the X come down to make it leave full screen or I escape full screen I will upload a video for you guys to see the issue first hand Note that I can watch 4K on firefox without this issue so its definitely something with google chrome I dont know how to sto
  9. its a 4K Monitor .. I have idea what it can run at other than 4K@60Hz Any info would be great ! Also what input would I need to use to do it would it be ? I am looking to use a PS4 (PS5 WHEN I GET IT) and a PC. Would it be HDMI for the PS4/PS5 ? and Display Port 1.4 for the pc ? let me know THANK YOU GUYS for all your help recently I really appreciate it.
  10. okay sure sounds good I need to order a cord for it to do that but I would definitely like to know WHY its better and what benefits I would get from using Display Port compared to using the HDMI 2.0 ?
  11. So Usually I use HDMI for everything ... but heard recently about display port 1.4 .... apparently HDMI 2.0 Does NOT support HDR ? My monitor is a BenQ EL2870U which states it has Display Port 1.4 but does NOT include HDR after the 1.4 which I found wierd because My graphics card which is AMD RX 480 States it has "Display Port 1.4 HDR" while my Moniter just simply states "Display Port 1.4" No HDR in the name of it at all. My question is #1 do they both support HDR on display port 1.4 or not ? also what ADVANTAGES does display port provide that HDMI 2
  12. also the moniter comes with 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 and 2 x HDMI 2.0
  13. Oh also note that I am going from a 1080P Vizio D40-D1 TV to this so I think its quite an upgrade compared to what I am currently using.
  14. Yea for my PC I plan on using it for 4K youtube videos / Movies etc. Not really gaming I might try it with league of legends ? but thats all really. if you feel it wont work even on that then i guess i simply wont try it lol. I am mainly buying this to future proof myself for next gen consoles since they will have 4K 60FPS out of the box. I do not think PS4 can output in 4K ? so I have to stick to 1080P there im guessing ? I dont have PS4 PRO i heard that can play 4K. I believe the vendor for my RX 480 was Gigabyte I am almost positive on that one. But yea BASICALLY I
  15. so I bought the BenQ EL2870U 28 my question is with the HDMI 2.0 Ports X2 are they both 60FPS ports ? I seen a similar monitor the Asus VP28UQG 28 And It stated it had a 30 FPS port and a 60 FPS port ... I want to make sure the one I bought has both HDMI 2.0 ports as 60 FPS ports, I am not sure an RX 480 can be used with display port nor have I ever used a display port I use HDMI ... hence why I want both ports to be 60 FPS so I can use 4K 60 on my PC and my PS4/PS5 also, does display port offer any benefits over using the HDMI port ? can an RX 480 even us