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    I'm 26, married, living in New Zealand. I've got three pretty cute rabbits and a ragdoll I'll probably post some photos somewhere eventually. I love learning and get obsessed easily with anything IT. I work for Shopify and run a few different businesses on the side spanning web development, journalism and marketing.
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    Threadripper 1950X
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    HyperX Fury 3600MHz 32GB
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    Thermaltake Tower 900
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    2 x 2TB WD Black SN750 NVME, and 1 x WD 2tb
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    LG 34" UltraWide, ROD STRIX XG32V, Samsung CHG70
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    Logitech G560
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    MacBook Air 13" 2019

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  1. So I may be wrong here but I remember running into similar with my loop, the connector for the pump to the board is purely for pwm control. So with it connected your bios is controlling the pump speed, you'd want to check in there if you felt like you needed to ramp up the power for it a bit more. You can mess around with the D5's a bit more than others and they're happy to run at lower power as they have a fair bit more operating room to work within. As for the temps, they do depend on your ambient room temp as well. If you started earlier in the day and the room has warmed up, your temp
  2. Good plan on that upgrade as well, I love seeing people breathe a bit more life into things that weren't made to game! So props to you man! 1. You'll have a bit more ambient heat in there but in all honesty it will be pretty negligible. I'd only recommend switching that up if you were already noticing thermal issues as it was. Stock coolers are always garbage so if you do have the space to do so it would be a great upgrade to pop in just to keep whatever CPU you're equipped with a bit cooler and let that bad boy turbo a bit more. 2. You can if you're careful but I wouldn't bother. I
  3. Was it always in red before you got the 570? Or is it just noticing it now and not sure? I don't think it's related to your PSU at all, but I will say 10 years is a good life for one so well done to that little wee buddy!
  4. Conveniently Walter likes to cover the “Activate Windows” watermark as I watch the tech news. How do you watch the tech news?
  5. Hi guys, So, I kinda think my system may be aging a bit now as far as being able to do what I used to do, either that or Adobe is just like "Yo, you should spend more money on hardware". Basically when I'm editing through 4K footage specifically I get the horrible choppy laggy bs and it makes it damn near impossible to work with. I have tried making proxy files, I've tried dropping the monitor window resolution to 1/4 in premiere. In theory those both should have worked but they didn't. When I check the CPU usage, it's sitting around 85-95% during it's chop chop, temps are still un
  6. 133! Heck yeah! I was wondering where I stood! Thanks for this man! Too bad I forgot to enter the draw for the GPU’s haha!
  7. Pulled off the back panel and found the culprit. Tubing has collapsed and the poor pump was getting stalled. Sadly it's probably only just out of warranty, hopefully it should be okay once I replace the tubing, I've added cable tie supports for the mean time at least. Lessons learned, cheap tubing is not a good idea
  8. Oh shit I think I just found it, a mobo fan header keeps dropping to 0RPM from 1300RPM+.... I think my pump is dying... RIP
  9. Hi guys, So this thing has started happening last night. I boot my machine, normal post beeps etc, sometimes longer than normal but it reliably gets into windows. But now for some reason, even while booted I get intermittent buzzer alarms for anywhere from 3-10 seconds for no apparent reason. All the temps seem within normal range, I'm running a 6700K with a custom 360mm rad EKWB loop, 1080ti not on water yet but sits around 36 degrees idle. I've recently upgraded to a 960 EVO M.2 boot drive but I doubt that's causing an issue. There is one oddity with a temp sensor on my mobo r
  10. Put it down as sleep walking haha. Pretty much you've done all you can do by the sounds of it. You can only log it as driving and it's supposed to negate the steps
  11. Eh not really so to speak, these tools (Furmark especially) are more or less designed to push your hardware harder than any application or game can. Yeah so it's earned its nickname as the Fuzzy Donut of Death for a reason, it's silly extreme haha. It's a real good way to see what your max temps on a card will be and system stability over a short period of time. It's not a tool I would want to leave running. Depending on the card and its VRM quality it can overwhelm the power circuitry and basically fry the crap out of it. Still a very useful tool in certain scenarios It
  12. So red pen is the pin that you cab bend back into place, blue pen is a spot that is left blank intentionally
  13. CPU: Aida64, Prime 95 and Cinebench for a quick initial test in overclocking. GPU: Unigene, Furmark (Ol' Fuzzy Donut of Death) and 3D Mark for again a somewhat quick stability check when OCing As @CUDA_Cores says, be wary with pushing things to their limits if you're system is primarily used for work you can't afford to lose. Many times I've been super thorough in stress testing and confident in a rock solid OC for a random bluescreen a few weeks later
  14. Yeah, doesn't look like it's completely gone. Unless you're referring to the bottom right, in which case there's not supposed to be one there for orientation purposes. Try bending it back like @Seriouswhyso suggests and you'll be sweet