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  1. When i do the ryzen upgrade it will be 16gb ram as i have some laying about. The 1030 doesn't have nvenc apparently. I just wached a lot of videos regarding this, and from what I gather, I can do a pretty decent enough stream with a 3200g, 4500bitrate, granted at 720/60fps, but because im only affiliate and not partner this would be best anyway as only partners have transcoding so if someone cant watch a 1080p stream due to internet reasons, then they pretty much are buffer city. I think im going to go with the 3200g for now, and maybe a few months down the line either upgrade the cpu to
  2. yeah the 1030 its solely just acting as an video out as my fx chip doesnt have graphics
  3. Ok thank you very much. Its a dedicated pc Would there be any bottlenecks of graphics as its only a streaming pc, only handling with encoding with the cpu? Right now it has a 1030 inside, and when im currently streaming and using my fx8350 the 1030 seems to be not being utilised.
  4. is the price difference worth it compared to the 3200g?
  5. Price really. Im looking for a cheaper alternative than just getting a touring gpu. Right now In an amazon basket I can get the 3200g and a new mb for it for 120 pounds. I know one is better than the other, but is it worth it compared to the price is what im saying
  6. trying to decide on a cpu for my new dedicated streaming pc. Which would be better for 1080p streaming
  7. Coppz

    Sound card

    build in sound card is prob fine then
  8. How did this turn out for you im building something similar!
  9. I am now looking into a 2600 for the dedicated streaming pc, if you have any input on that? I currently have a 2600 in my gaming rig so I cant really test how performance will be because that will be streaming and gaming on it, which atm isnt great. If i had something better than a 1050ti im sure it would be but the 1660 which is the cheapest card with the new envenc encoder is pricy and I think I can do this cheaper with a dedicated pc
  10. Coppz

    Sound card

    depends on what your using it for. Ill always prefer a dedicated external for the control
  11. Hi all. So a followup to my last post, I have a pc that I only play games on and I was thinking to get a stronger gpu with new nvenc to do the streaming, but looking at prices, itd be cheaper to upgrade my other pc from the fx 8530 it has up to ryzen, including a cheap shitty mb. I already have 16gb ddr4 ram laying around doing nothing. So now im looking into what'd be the cheapest Ryzen I could go for that will just be for streaming. I was hoping a 3200g could do at least 1080p 30, anyone have any ideas? Trying to google it is only bringing up 3400g's, or 2200's etc, but the 3200 is
  12. Hi. No I am not someone who asked about this before I believe.. Thought only came to me as im sitting here in lockdown trying to find other cases for a gpu I had idling (I am folding on it also overnight) This thread is already marked as solved, as you can see above, but thank you anyway
  13. guess ill just have to keep testing. thanks for the advice
  14. I stream 720p and have around 20mb upload, what should I aim for its currently 4000. It also happens with local recording, same issue? Would you recommend using my cpu for the encoding rather than gpu? Sorry for all the questions lol
  15. ah, well fuck Thanks for your answer!