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    A milk crate
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    Rally, Anime and Vinyl digging :3
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    Old profile was Gabe


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    -Pentium G3258 (@ 4.5Ghz, & 1.345 potential difference :3)
  • Motherboard
    -MSI h81m-e34 '
  • RAM
    -10gb total RAM - 2GB Corsair LPX, 8GB Kingston Low profile (@1333Mhz as mix and match)
  • GPU
    -Sapphire HD-7970 'Dual X'
  • Case
    -Some heavily modded Maplin case (MDF included)
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    -240gb Kingston 'SSD now' SSD
  • PSU
    -600watt EVGA 'SUPADUPA' nova PSU
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    -Aoc 27" 1080p monitor (overclocked to 75Hz from 59Hz)
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    -Logitech K120 keyboard
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    - Modded Microsoft -Intelli mouse
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ebay listing, would be a bargain if I bent the pins...
  2. What, two USB 2s, two PS2 ports, if you think I can easily add more I/O through PCI cards, for me at least it is a non issue.
  3. (Original post on Lvl1techs, but I figured I'd post here also) So step one, I'm asking for help to decide a motherboard + CPU combo for around the £200 ($125) mark, the plan is a new Linux build, and as I've been struggling on with my G3258 for two almost three years now I would like a good upgrade, VT-D would also be nice, as you know, games. Currently I have spied this deal on Ebay: SUPERMICRO X8DTL-3F DUAL SOCKET LGA1366 WITH 8 CORES 16T 24GB RAM INTEL ATX VT-d... 1 x SuperMicro X8DTL-3F ATX Dual-Socket LGA1366 motherboard! (with backplate). Standard ATX fitt
  4. Geeb_

    Unbalanced audio?

    Oh right, thanks on both accounts! nice to get some feedback from someone other than my friends for once. and those monitors look pretty safe, ill take a proper look at them. EDIT - 'Speakers' switched to monitors
  5. Geeb_

    Unbalanced audio?

    So basically I'm after some help. Recently I've been using Fl studio to make music, Im no expert and have been running into some problems and uncertainty. My main problem is the Mastering, Im concerned about my mastering skills and whether I'm doing it correctly, more so I'm worried about my latest song and the rest of them having too much bass on the EQ, thus I don't know if they actually sound any good. I dont have any monitors so I am stuck wondering what my tracks actually sound like. If you could give this a listen and maybe also recommend both in ear or studio monitors that w
  6. I think the answer to a bad what you see is what you get is to just improve it, look at TekSyndicate for example, there system is excellent. Deleting it is not viable as there are no alternatives.
  7. Whoa, interesting issue. Looking at your issue and your specs my mind leans toward an issue with your WiFi adapter, as if I'm to believe a fast internet connection causes crashing, so very probably either a software issue (drivers, some software for the card etc), or it might even be a hardware issue, such as a broken component on the PCB of the WiFi adapter. I hope you get this fixed as this is a killer issue
  8. Hmm, well me and my friend did it with an X5450, seems like a pretty good little CPU, just check its compatibility with this graph: http://www.delidded.com/lga-771-to-775-adapter/2/#chipset-compatibility-table
  9. Basically I have shown this video to my friends, and they claim that I should be be in a much higher rank than I am at the moment or was. I am currently silver 2 and the highest I have been is GNM, however my friends claim based upon this that I should be much higher, I disagree as I don't know the skill of higher ranks, so I would like second opinion! thanks!
  10. Slide the latch thing at the back to the left (if you are looking at it from behind)
  11. hehehheh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtI5HM7GVGY
  12. Anything up to a GTX 1060 would probably do well, as for Ethernet cables have a look at office suppliers as they often do bulk purchases.
  13. Me and my friend got a Steal on this board on eBay, http://www.evga.com/articles/329.asp probably the best 775 socket board available at that time on eBay, and supports SLI so is a good platform for gaming, and we did the 771 mod on it, so is capable of housing Xeons :3