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  1. I empathise, but I'm only really active in FP forum so had no idea censorship was a running theme. Trust me, I'd have much preferred a discussion about LTT's moral standpoint with regard to FP, mostly because a lot of my favourite YouTubers - who provide excellent content to MILLIONS of people - are losing out and, noticeably, uploading less and less. So I think a place where people can reliably get paid while not worrying about offending idiots/advertisers is important. Can't argue with that AFAIC.
  2. You're "Off Topic" forum's caption is - "Discussion - Non-tech related content only please! New members can say Hi here." Perhaps you mean in the incorrect sub-forum? I deliberately posted in General Discussion because of the relevance to Floatplane. This sub-forum is named General Discussion... A question is by no means necessary for a discussion to take place. I wasn't aware of this. I don't like that you can't delete your comments though. FWIW I did not mean nor want this thread to become
  3. Yeah, banks literally make money from nothing don't they lol? My "fragile" theory was based around the assumption that gold HAS intrinsic worth, but I dug a little deeper. After all the elements are removed from the periodic table that are either harmful or impractical (radioactive or gas for example) we are left with 30. After that we need the element to be rare, because if there is lots of it - not so valuable anymore. This leaves us with 5 - rhodium, palladium, platinum, silver and gold. Rhodium and palladium were discovered way af
  4. When I really think about it, it makes it seem so fragile! As if it could topple over at any minute. Like, unnervingly so.
  5. It's interesting though, the dollar's (and almost all other currencies these days) value is literally based on your faith that the government sees value in your cash. Bitcon et al's value comes from faith that other individuals see value in it. I know who I trust more, and it certainly isn't the fucking government.
  6. Awfully distorted view of it, how it sounds to me is he finalised the name...
  7. Explain "Aluminum" then That's just the wrong word.
  8. Actually "color" is directly from Latin. "Colur" was the "Old English" spelling, and "colour" was french. Besides, I was being sarcastic. Pointing out the apparent lack of logic in the American spelling.
  9. The English spell it rumours, nuff said (Chrome underlines it in red)
  10. I appreciate that you spelled "rumour" correctly. On the news - means nothing without pricing.
  11. Helping a "friend" buy a monitor ;). I helped a "friend" source smack once.