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  1. True, but I've found multiple people on the forums complaining about it being like this for a year. I'm glad it works well for you, but I can't but feel like I got shafted. It's so terrible I'm getting occasional spikes at 720p 30fps. And even it if it is due to high demand the problem is still just that. You can't rightfully sell people a product if you can't actually meet the demands for that product.
  2. So last night I decided to give into my lust and wanted to play Cyperpunk with decent quality. And since Nvidia can't fix it's 3080 stock problems I thought I'd give Geforce Now a shot... I mean after all, I got a gigabit connection. What cpuld go wrong?Right?? It even "claims" you only need 50mbps download speeds for 1080p 60fos gaming on high settings. Well let me tell you they are full of crap. I passed every speed test, and had only 10ms ping from the midwest server. (Recommended is below 40ms) Still nothing but Lag and stuttering.... Yellow bars constantly. I even calped my ISP and
  3. Thank you much for this! Now I guess my best bet is to take some hand measurements and try to find one that fits best from the website. The gaming chairs may not improve your skill, but the mouse definitely can lolol
  4. Like Dr Disrespect I'm 6'8 (minus the 36in vertical leap) And my palm is as big as some peoples faces. But for the life of me I can't find a decent mouse thats ergonomic, large, and built for gaming. I'm starting to get ulnar nerve problems from these midget mice. And in case you're wondering DR Disrespect uses roccat and they also look tiny on him.
  5. Yeah lol now I'll have to throw another 500 dollars onto that right? I've never heard of an EVGA psu fucking up like this. And PSUs are rarely a problem anyways. But I guess that's my luck.
  6. Because it never gave me greif on my AM3 board I guess. And I've never heard of an EVGA PSU failing (even bronze lol) I just figured about anything else was more likely. But now I don't got much of an option on that.
  7. I am doing stock actually, I've got failures rumning a B350m board with 2400mhz and then agian with 2666mhz ram. Swapped CPU and mobo to a 3600 and a x570 and still get them. The failures are never consistent either. Test 5, 7, or 9 seem to fail at random. And regardless of the configuration. I can't believe I've bought that many parts that are bogus. I meam I did assemble my PC without static discharge protection. But i did it over hardwood floooring wearing only my tighty whites and right next to my sink (grounding point) So I doubt I'm the one frying them as well.
  8. Yeah but this board has an isolated sound unit. And it doesn't explain the stuttering. Also I've technically already done that. But it was at the beginning of this. Soo I guess it's worth a shot. Also I'm still getting memtest errors with a new mobo, RAM, and CPU and I don't think Windows could throw that off either.
  9. First off I'm not a noob to building PCs, I started upgrading my toaster in 2015 and now I've built 3 seperate machines, and I'm currently rocking a decent system. But after jumping from my Teriible AM3 build to AM4 + Ryzen. I've been having this werid screen stutter followed by an auditory buzz from my speakers. I know you're first thoughts are probably the GPU, right? Nope! I upgraded from a 1050 Ti to the 2080 and it's still here... Well maybe I got unstable memory and Memtest keeps showing ramdom failures. Nope. Replaced them 2x times and it's still there... Okay maybe it's the CPU setti
  10. My operating system still thinks I have my game drive A: installed and is showing shortcuts to it that are dead. But I'll give that a shot man since I haven't heard of it.
  11. Hello everyone, I know this probably sounds stupid but I rushed to upgrade my 4TB raid setup to 6 TB, and just swapped them without properly removing them. Now I have a bunch of shortcuts to a drive that no longer exists, and can't be removed via the delete option. (says drive cannot be located) How do I fix this dumb mistake I made?
  12. Hmm okay, I'll need to stop it then. I was just looking at doing Raid 0 or 5 (if possible) and I'm guessing I'd want the more advanced software for it.