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  1. Thank you Jarsky. That was exactly the information I was hoping for. Thank you very much for taking your time to also elaborate on it. I very much appreciate it.
  2. Thank you all for your input. I am particularly looking for input in regard to having an SSD installed in a NAS and setup as a basic disk where apps/VMs etc. can be installed without any RAID on the SSD. The HDDs in the NAS will be setup in a RAID6 used for storage/data only (no apps or VMs running off of the HDD RAID6 volume). With this setup I aim to make and SSD cache obsolete as the SSD cache would not be able to perform better than the basic disk SSD itself anyway. In this scenario with the SSD installed as a basic disk with no RAID whatsoever, would a consumer grade SSD be fi
  3. If we are looking at the CPU only, it would depend on the price. The performance seems similar perhaps with minor better performance on the intel. If it is also the cheapest one, then get the intel. I don't think you will go wrong with either.
  4. Well in that case go for the 9400f as it has two more cores. It will perhaps benefit you more in the long run, and the system will last longer (future proofing). The thing to consider is also the price. If they are priced similar, go for the 9400f. If the price difference is huge go for the 9100f. They perform similar, but the 9400f has two more cores.
  5. A thing to consider is also which other hardware you already have. Are you planning on putting the cpu and gpu into another computer with already purchased hardware thus this will be an upgrade, or are you buying all new hardware? If the latter is the case, I would go for something AMD as it seems to be the better bang for buck choice these days.
  6. I definately agree with Plouffe on this one. The GTX 760 is already getting old and unable to hold its own. I would consider it a waste of money investing in yet another 760 card, especially if you are playing demanding newer games. Having two cards in SLI will also draw more power resulting in more heat and a higher electric bill than a newer better performing card would.
  7. Hi guys. I need your thoughts on a matter that I cannot find anywhere else on the internet. I have researched a lot about SSDs in a NAS, but I cannot really see to find the answers I need. When having an SSD in a NAS the consensus all over seems to be, that this is a bad idea, unless you actually put in the data center drives specifically made for this use. What is "never" explained, or is simply assumed but never mentioned, is that this info is only "viable" in case the use scenario is some kind of RAID. In most cases, a NAS is populated with HDDs because of the "relia
  8. Anyone? After logging in using SSH, this command: sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep Memtest shows the three lines revealing the result of the memory test. Can anyone clarify to why there are three lines instead of only one line? The three lines are identical, hence my question. Can anyone shed some light on the issue, why there sometimes are three lines, sometimes two and sometimes only one line in the log file? Thank you.
  9. UPDATE. Ran af few more memory tests. Results are the same, all lines in the log file is identical down to the last letter. Only difference is how many lines are written to the log file. I always got three lines whenever I performed this test before, all identical lines. For some reason one NAS now shows only two lines. I took out the drives, put new ones in there, installed everything and performed the test again. Now three lines show up in the log file. Took all drives from two same brand, model etc. NAS and exchanged/swapped their drives. Now three lines are shown in both logs,
  10. Hi all. I updated my NAS from non-ECC to ECC memory and performed a memory test using Synology Assistant. After the test, I checked the results, but the logs only show two lines, instead of the usual three lines. Can anyone clarify why this might be? The three lines in the log file are identical to the last letter. Thanks a lot.
  11. @Lady Fitzgerald I fail to see the relevance of your post in regard to my original post. For what its worth, I thank you for providing your thoughts on RMA. It turns out, that the PrimoChill Praxis WetBench falsely claims to support optical drives. I have been in contact with their support, and here I was met with insults and lack of acknowledgement of the problem. They do have some other good products I guess, but they should not claim support for something that is actually not supported. And when a paying customer points it out, they should not insult their customers, or tell the
  12. Hi Can anyone who owns a PrimoChill Praxis WetBench, and have tried to mount an optical drive please educate me? The brackets for mounting an optical drive has the screw holes placed completely wrong so that no optical drive can actually be mounted. Please don't say that this must be an RMA, I should read the manual, search Google or something. It has all been done exhaustingly except the RMA. In my view, I think this is a problem with the Wetbench, meaning that all of them have this exact same problem with useless optical drive mounting brackets. If not, then I hope that someone o
  13. Can anyone explain the technical details to the problem I have experienced above? Thanks.
  14. @Lipe123 Thank you very much for your insight. Makes me hopeful for finding a solution as well. Greatly appreciated.
  15. @Lipe123 Great to know that you have Kingston RAM working. That makes me a bit more relaxed. May I ask to exactly which model of Synology and model of RAM you are running? Thank you.