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  1. So damn excited that i may finally be able to get rid of this annoying half broken Iphone 4 Btw heres a link to my post on a seperate forum letting them know aboutn the giveaway https://teksyndicate.com/forum/general-discussion/pretty-big-htc-giveaway-going/141475 I have the same username over there as i do on here, so im guessing there wont be any problems with validating that i was the one who posted that.
  2. SxePhil, Razetheworld, Shaun0728, FrankieonPCin1080p, Seananners, SkyyJohn, tipsybartender, TheYoungTurks, freddiew, birgipall, Inspectro Dubplate, and last but not least, SourcefedNERD. Ive just realized how diverse my youtube subscriptions are LOL Forgot ronsanut he has some really in depth reviews and build logs which are awesome.
  3. When ever someone how good NF-F12's are on a rad or how theyre the best or any fan related to that really, i will usually point them in the Direction of ran Roundups, and Martins has come up a lot lately when people debate the bestfans to use in a rad for Price/Performace and just overall performance (minus something like a delta)
  4. That is essentially the point of a radiator, it trasnfers the heat created from the CPU/GPU>Water in loop>Fins in RAD>AIR Which is how it cools everything off.
  5. The Define R4 can take a 140mm SLim rad in the top and a Thick 140mm in the front if you drill 2 holes in the Fan insert and run the fans in Push
  6. BeyondNight


    get 2 AP141's or 2 Prolimatech Red Vortex fans, they work extremely well with fan filters restricting there airflow and will also be quieter and move more air compared to 120mm fans, especially SP optimized 120mm fans.
  7. For Unrestricated i wouldnt really go with a fan designed for high static pressure, you wont move as much air as you could with an airflow optimized fan. For the application your talking about, something like a Cougar Vortex or Noctua NF-F12 would work great, it will be able to voercome some restriction as they have a pretty good ammount of SP, but they are designed so send focused airflow into your case meaning the large volume of air will probably be able to reach your components instead of blowing around in every direction until it finally get to the CPU or GPU from the draw of there fa
  8. Performance and Noise wise For a Rad (dense) Scythe Gentle Typhoons, Corsair SP 120's, Silverstone AP121's, and NoiseBlocker e-Loops in push. For just moving air (through fan filter) Prolimatech Blue or Red vortex fans, Phobya G-Silent, Noctua NF-F12, Fractal Design SSR2 fans There are other fans that are just as good that ive probably forgotten or left out, but if i had the choice these are the fans id be going for.
  9. For 120mm fans, that will peform about as well as noctuas, get Cougar Vortex fans, if not those go for Phobya nano-2G PWM fans, they will match your red/black theme perfectly.
  10. for 120mm outtake for Cheap as all hell, go for Prolimatechs or Phobya G-silents
  11. Id get Noiseblocker B12-3 they are quieter and move more air than NF-F12's with some restriction.
  12. Id get this http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186048 it will be a lot cooler and quieter than any GPU Cooler that comes with a card.
  13. Get a fan controller with a High wattage per channel, then get 5 or 4 way fan splitters, then you can control your fans in groups, for a cheaper controller worth its weight in wattage check the fractal Adjust 108, 36W per channel should be enough for 5-10 fans per channel. Edit: also if you go the PWM route for fans, just the Swiftech 8 way splitter, it uses the power from a molex provided by your PSU but uses a PWM header on the motherboard to control fan speed.
  14. Your Motherboard should Use either Voltage or PWM to contol CPU fans, so i wouldnt worry about it.
  15. Budget would be helpful, and also what kind of OC/Temps are you looking for.