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  1. A lot of this is a matter of personal opinion but: RTX 3000 series cards have brought a very large jump in performance in comparison to previous launches. RTX 4000 will come at some point but I doubt they will be that much upgrade over current gen as 3000 is vs 2000. On your place I would just get 3070/3080 if you can find one in stock. Buyers remorse is very unlikely in this case. Also if you're planning to play on 4K display, disregard amd rx 6000 series as those cards while excellent for lower res, are losing a bit to nvidia at 4k
  2. Reporting back, "it just works!" Connected 12v on strip to 12v on mobo header and ground to "green". I have set the RGB output to pure green in RGB fusion and now I am able to control UV strip (dim or turn it off) via software!
  3. Okay, seems a more sensible choice to me out of the two. I guess I will be able to control the leds by setting the color to pure green in the software. I'll report back if this works of if i break something
  4. Hello, As per title, I am wondering to correctly wire my 2 pin uv led strip to 4 pin (rgb) motherboard header. This would allow me to turn it off when not needed or dim it if it is too strong on software level. I've seen people sugvesting to connect: 1) 12v to 12v and green (or any single color) to - 2) 12v to 12v and red green and blue all to - How do you think wchich way is better/would work at all
  5. That's it! Now I'm feeling a bit silly for missing this. This also answers my question regarding how tiny fans are going to push air though such a rad. I bet 10k rpm server fans would do an easy job of it
  6. Recently, while browsing for watercooling parts I have found quite bizzare, thick, 50mm size rads. I've been trying to find a reasonable usecase for those parts but I am out of ideas. Also how a tiny 50mm size fan would push any air through such a thick rad? Has anyone ever seen a case with a spot for such a radiator? Photos and name for reference: "Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 50mm Single radiator" Also they go up to 3 slots, 3x50mm fan?
  7. As per GN vid posted earlier in this thread, seems there is even more mysteries about how Zen 3 scales with various ram configurations. And it's the number of modules and/or ram chips on a single rank memory. Never seen that coming. Steve suggested they might do a follow up investigation with Wendell at Level1Techs, I'm really looking towards this.
  8. The higher the settings the more GPU bottleneck can be introduced to the benchmark, based on a specific game. When GPU starts to be limiting factor we're seeing flawed results, in this case, we're not letting Zen 3 achieve it's max performance, and it's average FPS value ends up being lower.
  9. Disclaimer: I am posting this in the tech news category as this is related to the recent Zen 3 Launch, Linus and Luke has nudged the topic in the most recent WAN show 06/11/20 but in my opinion, there is more to it. Zen 3 has launched and you're after a new cpu you probably have seen at least several benchmarks by different tech youtubers and news outlets by now. Some of them show new ryzens beating intel by quite a margin, and some of them put them on par with i9-10900k and ever slower intel SKUs. This has been addressed by LTT in the latest WAN show episode. Linus attribute
  10. Given the reply it seems that Displays subforum is not very popular. Leaving the final outcome here for anyone having same dillema in the future: I've decided to upgrade to 34 inch 3440x1440p 100hz I've tested the difference between 144hz and 100hz in the Apex. It is quite visible to me, but Apex is like the only fps I play at this time so I have decided that 100hz won't be this much of a downgrade. Also upgrading from 1080p 24inch to 1440p 27 inch would not feel this much of an upgrade either. Final thoughts. Ultrawide feels really great for gaming, my 5700xt is a right
  11. The time has come to move on from my 24 inch 1080p 144hz display. Main purpose: gaming. Most played games: survival games (Conan Exiles, Last Oasis etc.), Open world games (GTA V, RDR 2), FPS (only Apex Legends), MMO (only WOW when shadowlands finally drops) GPU: RX 5700 XT Budget: equivalent of max 500 USD Sitting distance: 60-65cm (~23.5-25.5 inch) Games selection is quite a variety, which makes it even harded to decide between three main options: -27 inch 1440p 144hz - AOC Q27G2U or similar -32 inch 1440p 144hz - AOC CQ32G1 or similar -34 inch 3440x1440p 100hz - AOC CU3
  12. Yeah, I think part od the problem was that exhaust in front of cpu cooler was taking air out before it reached the tower. I decided to leave the fan in the front as intake since those front fans are very close to front panel and possibly not pushing enough air. I might test it with that fan off someday.
  13. Cpu cooler mount is good, I chose to test with Battlefield 1 because of those temp spikes that made me worry in the first place. My temps are sitting at 70 now on the OCCT stress test. Also note that cpu is oc'ed to 3.9 all core (even though voltage is relatively low).
  14. It does make sense, but if you'll look around forums/articles on case fan placements, configuration 1 is always being considered as the best/most optimized.
  15. Hi all, Recently, I have been experimenting with different fan configurations for my PC since my CPU temperatures rose significatly while playing CPU demanding games. Frankly I got the best results while doing everything "wrong" by the common knowledge about pc cooling, so I wanted to share them with everyone who ever had such a dilemma. Please note that those results are most likely totally dependant on my case model, but chances are that if you're running a similar setup to mine, this could work for you too. First, my setup: CPU: R7 1700 @ 3.9GHz, 1.26V (yes, it's stable, guess t