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    A UK physicist working on a Masters thesis. I'm interested in the recovery of classical physics from quantum mechanics and quantum computing.
  1. Okay so install W7 on my new system first, then upgrade, then clean install. Thank you.
  2. This is why I'm a little bit confused. Altecice, are you saying to upgrade my current system and transfer W10 over to the new system once it's all activated?
  3. I'm putting together my new build, (new CPU, motherboard & SSD), and I'm just wondering what's the cleanest way of going from W7 on my current system to W10 on my new one. Am I right in thinking it's only possible by first installing W7 on the new system and then upgrading to W10? The SSD is an NVME drive so I think I need to install a driver during W7 installation, whereas W10 has native support. I know this is probably a common question, but I've not seen this question when it's an entirely new system, only a new hard drive or new motherboard. What do you think? Thank you.
  4. The High Court is not part of the government... It's an independent body.
  5. Free speech is not an idyllic utopia. I do not believe it is acceptable for someone to encourage the brutal murder of another person, for any reason, and it is right that a person publishing such remarks should be tried for this.
  6. Yes, people do tend to consider the aesthetics of a product that can be classed as luxury. As for the second part, none of my clothes have visible logos.
  7. For me the problem is not so much the keyboard, as it can fairly easily be covered up. How is one supposed to sort out the mouse?
  8. I think the biggest problem for me is that I was going to buy the keyboard and mouse. If the keyboard one can be peeled off, that's great, but it's built into the mouse which is a shame. I was really looking forward to getting this, but now I'm looking elseware for alternatives. I'm more disappointed than anything else to be honest.
  9. Why must everything on youtube associated with the word 'tech' involve ear-bleeding 8bit music/noise?
  10. Yes. The K95 will be available in blues, browns and reds. ( )
  11. I didn't know windows 8 had such serious compatibility issues, though you've got to admit that's a pretty reasonable definition of 'sucks'.
  12. Yeah, I was just pointing out that you're still downloading the data. Do you happen to know where that information is? Thank you. EDIT: Found it, right at the bottom of this http://curia.europa.eu/juris/document/document.jsf?text=&docid=153302&pageIndex=0&doclang=EN&mode=req&dir=&occ=first∂=1&cid=399092.
  13. It's not a grey area at all. If you're watching something on the internet you're downloading it. How do you think the data appears on your screen?
  14. I use an IPS panel next to a TN panel. I can't tell any difference in the colour. Maybe it's just me though.