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  1. I just played the demo for it and am wondering that since the demo had levels from each game, does Bye Bye Box Boy come with all of the previous 2 games and new levels? Edit:Grammar
  2. Basically I am in the market for a tablet to play games such as borderlands 2, magicka, luftrausers, this war of mine, an assortment of free to play games, and the older GTA games for $200 USD or less. (please try to find possibly cheaper alternatives to the Nvidia Shield tablet)
  3. 1. What is the system for unlocking operators in the $15 version of the game? 2. How well does the game run with an AMD fx 8320 and 8 GB of RAM?( I have a good enough GPU and am not worried about that)
  4. What your favorite (not necessarily best) class to play as, I am really enjoying the knight, and I played as pyromancer a little bit, and liked it less because I don't like the ranged attacks
  5. I'm currently about 15 hours in and just beat the second boss... The game is really difficult
  6. I don't know what areas are secret areas, but I mean the one you get to by waving the banner at the end of high wall of lothric.
  7. I'm using a controller, also how far in the game would you say the 3rd area is (in percent)
  8. What is the difference between Dark souls 2, and Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin? Which one should I buy? I just need to know because I got Dark Souls 3 and it is AMAZING so far (I haven't finished it yet) and I really want more.
  9. Can I connect a wii u pro controller to a Nvidia shield tablet without dongles
  10. Can I connect a Dualshock 3/4 to a Nvidia shield tablet
  11. the switch counts but I was really meaning something from Nvidia and not Nintendo
  12. Are there any newer shield devices that are portable (I don't care about if its a tablet with wireless controller or more like the shield portable)