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    MR.awesome1 reacted to manikyath in Core 1 like 25°C cooler   
    how did you put thermal paste on the cpu die?
    if you're pasting a bare die, you REALLY need to make sure the entire surface is covered to perfection.
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    MR.awesome1 got a reaction from shadowbyte in My planned rig, how does it look?   
    Personally I'd hold off for Ryzen, it's my assumption AMD will under cut Intel to stay competitive which in return will put their previous products even lower. Ryzen is expected in Q1 so not far off could be in the coming weeks!
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to TheRandomness in HELP Please!   
    The heatspreaders are pretty much for visual pleasure only.
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Monkey Dust in Wait to see what Zen delivers or downside to mini-itx?   
    Zen isn't likely to become available until early next year, with no indication when performance MITX might launch. Then again we don't know how long until the Dan case gets general release.
    I'd wait until the case is available and see what the PC landscape looks like then, rather than committing to a firm plan now.
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to don_svetlio in Wait to see what Zen delivers or downside to mini-itx?   
    Here's what you should do. Wait till you know HOW Zen performs cause last thing you want is to buy a 4690K only to have a similarly priced Zen CPU come out and perform 40% better
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Wait to see what Zen delivers or downside to mini-itx?   
    I shall touch on the other side of the question the topic is asking.
    The downsides to a Mini-ITX system aside from less I/O if you're going for as compact as possible is basically you have to be mindful of the size of everything. For instance, you have to buy low profile CPU coolers if you don't want Intel's stock cooler, you may not be able to fit 5" wide cards, you'll have to get an SFX power supply and you may not even be able to comfortably have an SFX-L one. Another problem is cases that compact won't have case fans, so you may need to be more mindful of your temps, mostly in the CPU area.
    Oh, and of course building and tinkering in a compact Mini-ITX case can be annoying. In my case (pun intended :D), I have to disassemble basically half the computer before I can get to the GPU.
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Mnpctech in Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute   
    Hey DB, Thanks for your support!   Koolance waterblocks re-assembled with painted backplates      
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to zlolslavez in New Motherboard Swap With Free Windows 10 Upgrade   
    If you still have the key I think reusing the Win 8 key on the Win 10 activation will work.. (Assuming you are doing a fresh install)
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Enderman in Which do i need?   
    the 4690k is worth it if you can afford it
    it will last you longer than a cheaper i5, and IMO worth the price
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to raymen1 in Which do i need?   
    4690k is best hands down.
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Samfisher in Which do i need?   
    i5 all the way for games and most other tasks.
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to dfox mxyzptlk in Build Log Submission Thread! April 2014   
    Thread URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/135830-project-insomnia-build-log/?p=1806228
    Description:  I'm a newbie builder. Since the hard-tube became popular, I wanted to build one. I learned by watching RomeoKilo, Singularity Computers, and other builders out there in YouTube. I called this "Project Insomnia", successor of "Project Nightmare" (my old rig).
    Picture URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-58439-0-04658000-1396935396_thumb.jpg

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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Lord Pantaloons in Loramentum - A watercooled, wall mounted rig - Fan and lighting upgrade! 27/01/17   
    After seeing this I started uncontrollably humping my monitor, I need a new one now so expect a bill soon.
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    MR.awesome1 got a reaction from Tea1337 in Plasti-dip PSU good or bad idea   
    Ok so I will just go with sleeving the cables. Thx
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    MR.awesome1 reacted to Assassin in Programs to nuke/erase your Hdd   
    Run a big ass magnet around it. 
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    MR.awesome1 got a reaction from LukaP in Highest perfomance gpu for my cpu   
    Thx dude that helps alot