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  1. Hi, I'm tiring to get a secure android emulator that doesn't send off information to a 3rd party as i want to use this to show my blood sugars in VR so any ideas would be appreciated Merry Christmas!
  2. Looking at reviews for this there's flickering on the screen? is this common with this type of monitor?
  3. Hi I'm looking to get myself a high refresh rate monitor 144hz and 1440p. Due to quarantine I am looking for a monitor that would be good for engineering, graphic design. due to it being my home computer I also play games and use it almost constantly. Any suggestions or recommendations would be a great help my current monitor is starting to occasionally having display issues (occasional red line or desync)
  4. Hey guys I've recently got a new laptop and was wondering with me going on public networks for collage work and other public networks i want to defend and hide myself from who ever might want to interfere. Any good reliable VPNs that would be good to use? i am currently using the free version of glassware and I'm using the out the box Norton security but i only have 27 days left. i am also looking for anything to check for network malware such as anything using my camera.
  5. Im running the gtx 960 what cant run vr but i want to get into vr i couldn't get a good graphics card because there all too expensive so this is why im entering. it took me about 8 months to get my PC with a paper round and doing some chores so Im looking forward to this give away and hoping to win. Thx for reading best luck to every one participating and hopefully who wins will deserve or need it.