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  • CPU
    AMD fx 8350
  • Motherboard
    MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition
  • RAM
    16Gb Patriot Viper
  • GPU
    MSI 1070 Aero
  • Case
    Enermax Ostrog white
  • Storage
    WD Blue 1Tb, Samsung EVO 1Tb
  • PSU
    SPI 500W Platinum
  • Display(s)
    Viotek 29.5" 21:9
  • Cooling
    Cryorig H7
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition Chroma
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master 2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. haha this is too funny. I had the same problem and I loosened the screws a little bit and wrapped a rubber band around them then tightened them a bit. Some fans come with vibration dampening attachments and sadly mine didn't work too well so this is what I cam up with.
  2. I'll try to keep this concise. I accidentally turned off my surge protector and since then when my secondary drive (HDD) is plugged in I cant get my PC to post and I have the error code '99' in the bottom right corner. I troubleshooted for a couple hours and this is what is happening: HDD completely disconnected = PC boots no problem HDD connected = error 99, no boot HDD disconnected --> boot into Windows --> connect HDD = no problem HDD disconnected --> boot into Windows --> connect HDD --> PC off and PSU OFF --> PSU ON and PC on = er
  3. I'm a senior in high school about to go to college and my parents want to buy me a laptop as a graduation gift. I'm looking online and can't seem to find what I'd like. I'm trying to find a thin and light laptop with small bezels and doesn't need to be a performance model with lots of power behind it. I don't really care about battery life, but having more battery, and maybe 120hz or 144hz would be nice. I don't need to play games on it, that's what my desktop is for :) Does anyone have a laptop in mind that fits this? There's so many on the market it's hard to keep track of
  4. Yes, everything is normal, it might be something about the combination of my provider + my computer because the other computers at our house are fine and when I took my pc to a friends house it was faster. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. no, I eventually want to upgrade but they haven't given me problems until now
  6. Yes, Windows 10 and i have 16Gb of DDR3 Patriot Viper Memory. Not sure the speeds on it but it may be slow because of the brand and the discount I got on it.
  7. I also ran Malwarebytes and get a few things off but there's little to no change.
  8. speedtests are fine i get 350 down and 36 up. ill try the viruses
  9. did a side by side and chrome was barely faster
  10. I just switched but nothing looks to have chaged
  11. haven't yet, I'll try right now, and I'm wired
  12. it usually says "waiting for *insert website here*"
  13. In the past few weeks, Chrome has been insanely slow, like 10 seconds to load a new page slow. In task manager, my CPU is at like 20% load and chrome isn't using any out of the ordinary number for loads or anything. It also isn't my internet so it has to be something Chrome specific. Used to be perfect and I don't have any viruses as far as I (and my PC) know. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!! CPU : AMD fx 8350 MB: MSI 970A Krait Samsung evo 1tb & WD blue 1tb