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    Intel i7 4930k @ 4.5ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Sabertooth X79
  • RAM
    2x8GB G.Skill 2133 DDR3 @ 2133mhz
  • GPU
    XFX RX 580 XXX GTS 8GB @ 1386mhz
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    NZXT H510i White
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    1TB Crucial MX500 SSD (main install), 1TB WD Blue HDD (secondary drive)
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    Asus VX228H 21.5" Monitor, 1x ViewSonic VA703b
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Corsair K68 RGB CherryMX Red
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    Logitech G700s
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    Monitor speakers/cheap bluetooth headphones
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    Windows 10 Home
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    13" Surface Laptop 3; i5, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb

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  1. I know this topic went stale, but it happened again. My audio throrugh my monitor keeps getting corrupted until I restart, so I hotplugged to try and get windows to reset it - sound is gone and the monitor is dimland again. If it isn't the gpu, windows has been irritating me more and more recently - would appreciate some advice.
  2. This is over HDMI - I believe this issue started before I reset my pc, so I have reinstalled the graphics drivers since then; and I only have this monitor to test with as my secondary is VGA. I actually have quite the nice cable set up imo - I was able to snag a nicer-than-generic HDMI cable from the household supply before they all evaporated. Of course that doesn't excuse that its the cable going bad, but I believe its a newer cable from December 2019 that came with my switch and worked fine with the television. This monitor has no issues with any other device as well - it works fine with my
  3. I appear to have a recurring issue with my graphics card. Sometimes, especially if I hot unplug-replug, my monitor becomes dim and washed out - but not the whole monitor. I cannot really capture it on camera - most of the monitor window itself dropped brightness and contrast drastically, but my cursor is still as bright white as day! The only way so far I can hopefully fix it is by restarting the entire machine (sometimes that doesn’t work the first time). The picture attached is the closest to showing the extent of what happens as I can get - the cursor is above the normally blinding white go
  4. Oh and their website says that for the client specifically - hosting is only supported in win 8.1+, it says it below the different OS downloads
  5. Unfortunately the mac I currently own is too old for boot camp, so I couldn't try it - and I am trying to have remote access to the MacOS install specifically, so that would defeat the purpose lol
  6. TLDR at the bottom Hello - I have been using Parsec Game Streaming for quite a while to access my gaming PC (Win10), and it works swell even with my garbage wireless card. I wish to be able to access my Mac in the same capacity, but there is no Parsec remote host for MacOS. The devs are focusing on Windows 10, and the only real alternative I can find is the built in VNC host, which has garbage performance and quality from my Win10 machines. The other possible solution I have found is a open source RDP server, but the one I found is made for Linux distros, not MacOS, and I cannot get it to
  7. Hello, I finally got myself a television! The television that I got has great built in speakers, and I wish to use my Wii over HDMI - I have an adapter arriving soon, but it splits the Wii video/audio connector into an HDMI connector AND a separate audio jack. I know it must exist, but I am looking for an adapter that will take that HDMI port and audio jack and combine them together into an HDMI cable that carries both video and audio. What keywords and what adapter am I specifically looking for? The only results I can find are the opposite - taking an HDMI/audio cable to the separate HDMI and
  8. Heh, technically - not one that I can run much of anything with. it’s like a GeForce 8600gt or something like that
  9. Gotcha, will do - don’t have onboard though, cpu/board are ivy bridge-e
  10. Which do you think it is? Don’t want to replace my gpu if it turns out to be my monitor, or vice versa
  11. I need some advice with my RX 580. I have had this card for a little over a year, and have had many problems arise from either it or my monitor. My HDMI monitor does not support vsync, free-sync, or anything of the sort and is probably about 5 years old at this point. Exact parts are listed in my build on my profile. These problems include: Major screen tearing (started relatively recently). Very obvious in Minecraft (Java) with shaders Monitor (HDMI) when reconnected darkens to power saving levels (restart sometimes fixes, amd crimson setting adjust sometimes fixes, other than t
  12. Hello. I have a chromecast issue that has been plaguing me for over a year, progressively getting worse, but apparently I am the only person in my house with the issues. Whenever I try to cast something, whether from Youtube or Twitch or somewhere else, it will lag. The audio and video will either freeze for a moment and go completely out of sync, or the video will just stutter constantly. But only I have this issue from any device I own; my family has zero issues casting. My 6th gen iPad has this issue, my iPhone 7 had this issue, my iPhone 11 Pro Max i just got has this issue, and I think my
  13. Hey all. I have a cheapo WiFi card in my rig that is finally kicking the bucket. I need to grab a new one soon, so I thought I’d look for suggestions. We have a netgear c7800, a 4x4 3200Mbps (2200 5ghz) router, so I was thinking going with a hundred dollar 4x4 card on amazon (https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-PCE-AC88-AC3100-802-11AC-Adapter/dp/B01H9QMOMY/ref=sr_1_3?crid=29JPYW5BG05RZ&keywords=4x4+wifi+adapter&qid=1577110793&sprefix=4x4+wifi%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-3 this one), but is it worth the price increase for 4x4 WiFi? I am quite the distance from the router, so Ethernet is out and I
  14. Forgot to mention; this is on a sabertooth x79 board