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    Intel i5 8500
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  1. From what I've seen it is a graphics card not being recognized. Maybe try a different card? Or different PCI slot. Hopefully it isnt a dead slot or power cable.
  2. What do you mean stuck on the vga led? Can you post pic?
  3. Seems to be around 60 from what I saw. You could upgrade to HDMI or DisplayPort if you have ports for them.
  4. I was told that you want to almost double the projected power draw, was that wrong?
  5. May want to get a bigger PSU but its pretty much the same computer.
  6. Here's a quick one I threw together. If you're going water cooled you could probably go with a 1070 and save a little money for the water stuff
  7. Well frame rate and refresh rate are not the same thing. But you can always change the game settings from the menu. Im not completely sure what you're asking help for though, could you clarify?
  8. Maybe you're low on free space/ram? Or windows could be running something still in the background, open up task manager and see how everything is taking space.
  9. I would get the rumored Pixel 3 non XL to not have a notch. Also, I dont get the super hate phones get for hazing bezels. I kinda dont want my phone to be all screen, get a lot of scratches and less places to hold/touch without tapping something on screen. Just my opinion though.
  10. I did test it. I plugged the other end (with the rj45 cap) into the tester. Grabbed a new cable and plugged into the other end of the tester as well as the port above the termination line and supposedly it was wrong, here the vid https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wg8HHc5RBXQSCg16A
  11. Noctua probably or this one if you want it in black
  12. Our ethernet ports in our bedrooms never worked since we moved in. Wifi is fine and we assumed it was a bad cable from the termination hub to the modem. So we ran a new cable through last night and punched down ourselves. We wired it according to the color codes and since our hub is a 568-A version, all the others looked fine too. But our ethernet still does not work. Any suggestions? Here is a link to what our hub looks like https://smile.amazon.com/Open-House-H628-Termination-Hub/dp/B00013BNVG/ref=pd_rhf_dp_p_img_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=3KNRG37ZD9Y0BGN3B6QS Here are pi
  13. Possibly drawing too much power that it cant supply enough to some components? May need a higher wattage PSU.
  14. Try unplugging the computer and monitor and bringing it closer to the router? Grab a table to set it on and test from there. I've dont that a few times and just carried my setup up to the router to test different things.