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  1. Looks solid. Might want to throw an aftermarket CPU cooler in there. I particularly like the Ram, I just got a set and I really enjoy using it as a temp monitor for my gpu and cpu.
  2. Hello. So I've screwed up. I ordered a Noctua NH-U12S for my new Ryzen 3900x build because money was kind of tight and I didn't realize I'd be getting the (pretty decent) wraith prism cooler with my CPU. Then amazon screwed up and I got the cooler late after already receiving a refund (FREE NOCTUA COOLER). Then I had some issues with my GPU I had taken from my old EGPU enclosure and ordered the EVGA CLC 120mm AIO with an NZXT bracket for my GPU with the money I got back from the Noctua. I then was able to fix my GPU issues and my temps are perfectly fine (sub 70 even w
  3. Well it's not free. It's free as in I'm not budgeting it's cost into this build
  4. Any cooler you'd recommend? What about the memory is overkill? I was under the impression that clock speed really mattered for the new AMD CPUs
  5. I already have plenty of storage (Nvme SSD and sata SSD) and an RTX 2070 from previous laptops and my EGPU. I want a beefy CPU because that's currently my main bottleneck and I'd like to be able to build projects quickly for my job (Software engineer) PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz
  6. So I'll be moving from Germany to Huntsville Alabama for college soon, and I'll be in the market for a new GPU. Where should I look both for used and new GPUs? Should I just trust Newegg? is there a price comparison tool like Germany's idealo.de?
  7. I'd like a light laptop. Battery life is nice, but not necessary. The 2000$ are for laptop and GPU
  8. I realize that, But I would really prefer the simplicity of one system. that ay I don't have to bother with any syncing issues, and can have all of my work environments with me (I will probably end up dual booting to use Unix based applications in Linux, so that's 4 potential work environments)
  9. So I'll be going off to college soon and I've managed to accumulate a decent "new PC" budget of about 2000 dollars US. Because I'll be studying Computer science I want to have a solid laptop to do my work on. I think I may be best served by an Egpu as it would let me spend money on decent hardware once, and then add a GPU. Do y'all have any suggestions on solid laptops to use with an Egpu? My only criterium is really that it has 16 GB of ram.
  10. So I just got home from a short trip to Nepal and decided to boot up my laptop. When I tried to plug in my mouse, it didn't work. I tried another mouse, and even my oculus rift which had worked the last time my laptop was on. Both the USB 3.0 ports and the 2.0 port are not working, and the SD card reader isn't doing much either. I tried messing with windows updates but that didn't seem to help. the laptop is an msi GS 73VR 6 RF. I'm pretty tired at this point. Help?
  11. I'm sure about this one... especially for prebuilt systems. But since two 4 GB sticks should be cheaper anyway that's what i would go with.
  12. Dual channel is the safer bet as some mainboards won't even support single channel ram.
  13. Yeah that was kind of a failed upgrade... but it really is noticeable in CIV V
  14. Might be haptic feedback although I don't own a razerblade the Steam controller did something similar when I got it.