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  1. disable XMP, confirm ram settings with CPU-Z and run four instances of HCIMemTest at 250MB or so until %10,000 coverage. Or 32 rounds of HyperPi 32M test, take ya all day. but its as good. oh, and yes you should be able to run 1.65v ram with that cpu. really, you can go about as high as you want, like ~1.75v. fear, tho.
  2. I have 18 LEDs burnt out on my K70.. waiting for the RGBs to launch before I rma i know...but i can hope for an RGB replacement, can't i?
  3. I think it is kind of fun to get these types of messages.. this i got one day
  4. I think they're all correct, I did make them.. Also, I have a very limited data cap, 15GB/30days. I was only trying to suggest you actually quote an image when you talk about it..But to be responseable about it because sometimes others have to go out of their way to preserve their data cap. Actually, thank you. I just went a found myself an image blocker toggle https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-block/?src=search Don't know how well it works yet..but yee, lets see. Carry on.
  5. Quoting images should be punishable with warning points..But in this case, it would be acceptable. On bare dies, you want to spread it out manually before re-installing the heatsink. Forget about the little air bubble theroy, just don't whip the TIM like eggs. GPUs are just not strong enough to spread it out themselfs like a CPU's IHS and bolt-on CPU coolers. The whole die makes heat, it all needs to be covered in the thinnest layer possible. 'Tinting' your heatsink with excess paste from the die application before re-installation will improve temps too.
  6. Good to hear, dude! Start up a new thread in the GPU-sub thread and you'll get all the tips you need in order to slow those fans down.
  7. Sorry, what? You should always use less than you think you need, for everything. What are you referring to?
  8. The guide lives! Hey Uh, ok. So first off, you should have no screws left after re-assembling your GPU. This is not Ikea furnature where having extra parts left over is all right. Do not use the card unless it is correctly assembled!! One lost screw means your warranty is gone for good. (I really hope you didn't mean you say you have left over screws) 65C is absolutly perfect. But you should have started with reducing the fan's speed with a GPU utility such as MSI Afterburner. Keep reducing fan speed and monitor temps while running a stress test until your core temp reaches 75-85c.
  9. A better config would be two front intakes and one bottom intake. Along with the back exhaust and one roof exhaust. It'll be better for pressure and that'll keep more dust out. Best would be to replace the S2 fans that the case comes with right away and fill all of the fan slots with something decent. I don't get it.. how can people say this case has good airflow? It does not...and It really does not when you use the included fans. If it is a regular system with no overclocking and not running 100% load constantly. It's a great case in the stock config. Fine build quality
  10. Sure. here's my fan curve for Windforce 7870s Xfire.
  11. idk about the macro what i do is download switcher http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1656534 and place it into the start up folder
  12. very good overclock. but are you sure it's stable? should run a few days worth of stress tests. after 30 mins or so your ram will get about as hot as it's going to. so failing before 30 mins is very unstable.
  13. pfft, even if sapphire made motherboards... it's prolly overheating, add case fans
  14. you will need your own bolts, nuts and plastic washers to make the mounting system work. figure out how much pressure and such... best way to do this would be to delid, replace the thermal paste with coolaboratory ultra and keep using the ihs. lap that ihs if youre really worried. youre already going to take 20c off with delidding, that extra 1c off will be cool edit: either way, use coolabs paste for best results on bare die. regular paste for ihs