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  1. I'm no expert, but I think defining what type of work you would like to do is key. Comparing C to JavaScript in a list "Most popular language of year 20xx" is clearly redundant, and like comparing a bike to a plane in "Best thing to move around in". Now with the new C++20 standard there should be alot movement. Also if you know cpp, you know python.
  2. It's alive! Thank you very much I love C++ but man...
  3. Dear LTT users. Let's cut to the chase. I have 2 classes: Object and VectorOfObjects. Object class stores: -name -variable VectorOfObject stores: - vector <Object> vec; Only vectorofObjects is visible from main, and I added a few methods to add and display objects. The problem starts when I try to modify an object. I call myVector.modify_variable_of("John", 21) -> where first value is used for indexing and second value is supposed to change, but doesn't. So the program should find element with name == "John" and modify variable from 10 to 2
  4. Fast boot option in BIOS should reduce boot time around 5 seconds. Also i'm not talking about cold boot but shut down -> start sequence which in Windows is more like hibernation.
  5. Boot times mostly depend on 2 factors: 1. Storage speed. 2. Number of things your system starts with. My PC with a super fast m.2 drive boots in 8.2 seconds.
  6. Memory OC with 4 DIMM slots populated is very difficult. A friend had the same problem with his 9900k. I personally would just lower the clock.
  7. Result 1 and 2 look very simular. Are you 100% positive when you do the wired test, your WIFI is OFF?
  8. Wifi 2,4 Ghz and Wifi 5Ghz are different standards 801.11ac is the old way of saying Wifi 5.
  9. You would think that's an amazing idea. Until you consider the electrical differences between the generations of DDR that would best case kill your CPU, worst case set your house on fire. I imagine that would be quite a #FireGate controversy on twitter,
  10. Alright correct me if I'm missing the point. With wired connection you only get 80 Mb/s on a speed test, but the same speed test gives you 250ish Mb/s on WIFI. Can you post screen shots with your speed test results? That is very strange behaviour and honestly I'm at a loss here.
  11. With windows 10 you can do a clean install without using anything, and the drivers should all get reinstalled. Or at least thats the experience I've had. I might be totally of the point here, but I was always under the impression that most prebuilds have a dedicated partition on the drive for recovery.
  12. I might be totally wrong, but i think Wifi 4 can only give you ~25Mb/s down, and Wifi 5 300 down. So my assumption is with an odd number like 80 the problem lies somewhere else.
  13. Hi! What is your home data plan? Usually internal networks are much faster than your real internet speed. LAN: Local Area Network, at a speed of 1 Gbps means that devices inside your house can talk to each other with that speed, your outgoing traffic is dependant however by your ISP
  14. Really appreciate your reply and it's a good idea. My SQL is rudimentary and a course might only do me good