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  1. Hi tech community, I am working in Hotel and our Guest use our WiFi by login into our welcome page by using there details. Most of the time the Login Page doesn't appear automatically when user connects to SSID. Then we use default gateway in the browser to bring it up. Anyone else had this issue? and if any one can share the fix or experience with me. Thank you Sukhman
  2. Hi, I have been looking for best business broadband provider that is bang for the buck in NZ. We expect 20 admin network WS and around above 200 clients, that could reach 400 in some days. I will only need broadband connection. All the AP's and other network hardware will remain same. Our network is capable of 1GbE. I want to know what points (apart from some mentioned below) should I consider while shopping for a new BB provider for my business. What makes the Commercial BB different from Residential BB. The things I know and I will consider, that we will
  3. I am having Sapphire R7 260X, and i play everything over at 1360x768 resolution. Due to high ambient temps here my gpu is having a hard time. Now its outdated gpu, almost. I bought this card 2 years ago and it was my first gpu, i love amd and loved this card too but as time goes it have to be retired . I would be very happy to get one of these cards because i am seeking to update my whole setup. if i get 480 or 470 for free i will spend money over other things like screen. Cheers... linus